NYC to require proof of vaccination for indoor dining, fitness, performances

NBC News’ Dasha Burns reports on New York City becoming the first city in the U.S. to require proof of Covid vaccination for indoor activities.
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  1. Look at the glove puppets doing as they're told no original thought doing what their corporate Masters tell them as they fear losing their job. Look at those fake dentistry add smiles.

  2. So many people do as they're told out of fear. What will happen to me? I'll lose my job.

    A backbone of steel will be required going forward.

    I care about people I care about the younger generation I'm 27 years old. I do my part by speaking the truth; and not acquiescing to tyranny. Of course it's hard of course there's pushback of course people laugh at you. But it's all worth it because my heart is telling me what I'm doing is the right thing and I follow the intelligence of the heart.

  3. martial law is coming. already here but waiting on the right moment to inforce it. this is all about control. cause there are way way way way more people taking public transportation then there are people going out to eat or to the gym. the trains are packed every single day. so much that you have to hold your breath from preventing yourself from smelling someones breath. so close and so packed that you cant even hold on to nothing. but we dont have to show proof for public transportation. man plz. thats cause if they did that they will lose so much money. so people dont wanna get vaccinated. and i agree with their decision. its their choice. restaurants and other businesses who stick to the proof of vaccination will also lose buisness. watch.

  4. so those who take the vaccination still need to wear a mask? lol. that makes no sense. why get the vaccination meanwhile you can still catch covid or spread it? they say wear a mask even if your vaccinated. why? if its such a big deal to get the vaccination then it should be strong enough to not let you spread it or catch it.

  5. New York businesses are struggling more than over… NOTICE there is little media lately because the media cannot tell the public their policies are failing on this mandate. FAILING

  6. So the same crowd that says black people don't know how to get an ID or work the internet now require Id and or a phone app to enter buildings….. Make sense

  7. Watching you people make me reconsider whether I am the same species as you. You people lack intelligence and appear to be truly insane. You say you believe in god but don’t believe in his divine creation. You believe in science but don’t use it to solve simple problems like this viral. You champion good health but do not understand the first thing about true health and nutrition. You allow yourselves to be controlled by a few greedy people and seem to be very comfortable with it. Are there only a few people that see the daily lies? Or does everyone see but prefer to be controlled? Human beings in their most healthy state seek freedom and knowledge. My summation would be that the only reason you are all this way is because you are all unhealthy and this causes you to make more unhealthy decisions. An Unhealthy state causes anxiety and fear. This causes you to seek out protection. Protection from the government. The protection doesn’t come for free. Because they are asking that you contribute your physical self and soul. So they can profit off of it every which way. This is what it is to be a slave. Welcome to your future. You allow it. You deserve it. The only answer is to get healthy. Physically and mentally. From there your direction as a human will be more clear. And slowly this nightmare will dissolve.

  8. ILLEGAL: THIS MEANS YOU ARE EXEMPT FROM VAXINE MANDATES UNDER FREEDOM OF RELIGION OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF DISCRIMINATION: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 The Section initiates Title VII litigation in two ways. Pursuant to Section 707 of Title VII, the Attorney General has authority to bring suit against a state or local government employer where there is reason to believe that a "pattern or practice" of discrimination exists.

  9. As projected, the mandates take various forms. As of today, one who is not vaccinated cannot enter the shopping malls in NYC.

    Very shortly, the unvaccinated won't be able to:

    1. Fly neither domestic nor international.

    2. Visit any sport events.

    3. Go to movies.

    4. Keep their job or be hired into new job.

    5. Travel by neither bus nor train.

    Stay safe.

  10. I'm not going with or without a vaccination so it doesn't matter to me. The economy will be destroyed and we'll see what the loser Mayor does once that happens! You should have a choice to put poison in your body or not.

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