NYC lifts COVID vaccine and mask mandates

New York City took another step in its return to normalcy amid the COVID-19 pandemic Monday, with the city dropping several safety protocols including the school mask mandate and vaccination requirements for businesses.

Restaurants and indoor venues, including restaurants, theaters and gyms, no longer have to require proof of vaccination.

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  1. I am glad they lifted the Mask & Vaccination requirements. I think this entire pandemic has been an excuse for the Gov. to take and control people's lives and I'm sorry but I am not tolerating their BS. I will fight for my rights and I hope many people around the world will too.

  2. No vaccine, your body, your choice. In all fairness stop crowding up the hospitals and let people who are sick from something other than covid get treated. If you get sick, stay home and treat yourself.

  3. The only places without mandate laws through out covid is places with strong republican governors. It's time to try something different in the blue states and vote red. Especially seattle..

  4. Vaccine may help some people, but masks actually harm everyone. Sad so many idiots have fallen prey to all the fraud and lies brought along by covid

  5. It's time for all professional sports teams to hit the road. Why are fans allowed to watch, but players can't play? It's time for the Nets to return to Nassau County if there isn't a mandate there. It's time for the Yankees and Mets to play their home games in Florida. NYC wants to ban the best athletes? Go for it. And while you're on the way, give up all of that tax revenue. The progressive freak show isn't going to get any better until the money is taken away.

  6. I can only guess Pfizer and Moderna put some serious money in certain people's pockets to ensure their experimental vaccine became mandatory in the first place.

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