Nightly News Full Broadcast – Nov. 11

Florida recovering after Hurricane Nicole destroyed homes; Biden announces largest U.S. investment in green energy at U.N. summit; Control of Congress up in the air with Arizona, Nevada results yet to be called; and more on tonight’s broadcast.

00:00 Intro
02:32 Hurricane Nicole’s deadly aftermath
06:02 Biden at global climate summit
07:47 Control of Congress in limbo
09:40 ‘Tripledemic’ worsens
12:07 Inside America’s longest war
15:53 E-bike explosion warning
18:17 40 years of Vietnam veterans memorial

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  1. Willie Robertson's uncle served in Vietnam before the former A&E original reality series DUCK DYNASTY home to the Faithful Four. I can tell he lives in LA (Louisiana). NOTHING ON A&E IS MORE CAJUN THAN DUCK DYNASTY. The extended Robertson family may've been the richest people in the southern state.

  2. Why did NBC suspend a reporter who did an early report on Paul pelosi and not give any real reasons. Only said report did not meet their standards but never said what standards were broken. They never suspended any reporters who told stories about Trump that turned out not to be true. Now the way the suspended reporters report was given seems to be the way things really are.

  3. King is Real watch his had this day Wisdo is Withdrawn , And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
    12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

  4. When players didn't Trump was in office no other country went against us climate change they should have did that 40 years ago they still don't want to do nothing for the USA or the American people I think that is very sad by Congress because they don't want people to prosper they don't want people to live in poverty we've been living in poverty all our lives

  5. Has anyone noticed on television that their is mostly black people in commercials, even though they are only 13* of the US population, and not only on TV, but on YouTube as well.?

  6. Unlikely the US will lead in anything climate change related since a significant and vocal minority don't believe it is a real issue, and many law makers are elected by them that share their beliefs. Realistically, we need to get on the same page regarding the science of climate change and the debate how to address it.

  7. I have medication that prevents my hair from falling out due to Atomic or radioactive materials unless those atomic or radioactive materials are a detrimental levels there is more fallout Atomic and radioactive materials are at detrimental levels

  8. Hillary Clinton was having some trouble with some Iranians her and former President Clinton dropped April off in the driveway at my house to my son's girlfriend she wasn't pregnant with Isaiah yet

  9. I grew up during Vietnam never did understand exactly why we went over there, it wasn't for gold or silver or we didn't need oil, because oil was probably I don't know 3.00$ barrel??? But every night on the news I would watch what would be called the Huntley, Brinkley report about the Vietnam war from 1965 to the fall of Saigon in 1975

  10. Nobody really cared? I was in high school, we passed out bracelets silver, bronze, or gold which sold and money sent over, I wrote letters and that guy married my older sister and gave me my nephew. He's always been my friend & brother since I was fourteen years old writing letters so the guys would write back on the military light blue stationary of the 82nd airborne out of Ft. Bragg, NC I will never forget. He & wife just took a very long trip to Iceland WoW. He's a paramedic for the military still. When young after the war he always loved to jump out of air planes I went and watched but no I had kids two little boys and just wouldn't take a risk needlessly. My Johnny got to come home. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Johnny & Matthew & Uncle Chuck & George & all the rest of all of them, they were the same. God bless and thank you to all our veterans that all pay a price for our protection & freedom's. 🎆🌠🌟🎇🎉🎊🪅🪖🕯Proud to be an American, nobody holds a candle to you. Peace & happiness !

  11. Well build a really 👌 good seawall just off the sandcliff oceanside of the property probably 👍 and a thick reaforced wall with rebar and piles reaforced outward curved seanding or repelling the water back to the sorce . Ps with pumps backing everything including in house pumps .

  12. You know im going to put this as how the Astros won the world series you deep state and kabal are the Phillies you just got creamed and your goung to get creamed now. Pied in the face. Cornered like a scared dog . As we take back violently, we will take back and will crush you just as the Astros crushed the Phillies, guess what this is prophetic cause your Goliath is coming down. Every single seat , every stolen election every crime, trying to shut us up from having a voice, shut up with your propaganda , natzi , natzi , swastika in hiding in plane site . Isreal just won a major election. Guess what you better run for cover little rabbit

  13. The coming American political story, a new American leadership, the story of a new revolution, the need is more of than we even currently realize… The story of an unknown man emerging to save freedom's common people of all walks of life…..

  14. My this my that,……what about their common sense levels, when they bought those magnificent now worthless properties, must have money to burn or wash away……Geez people, your britest shine ain"t in Sunny Florida, change the dang bulb and move,….I am not saying nature won't follow, but the smack may not be so brutal, unless you like seeing your life's work float away and you can't swim for it……😳😞😥…..

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