New York's Covid Comeback Masks Major Economic Pain

Restaurants are open. The apartment market red hot. But New York’s economic recovery hides an unemployment rate nearly double that of the national average. Mayor Eric Adams is begging workers to return to the office, but New York’s economy may need to reinvent itself once again. Bloomberg News’ Craig Gordon discusses The Big Take.
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  1. Certain bosses and owners STILL forcing mandates. Both mask and vaccine or you get fired. My former privately owned gym STILL forcing vaccines on clients to get a membership. It’s still tyranny going on beneath the headlines. Masks on little children, STILL , in the public schools. Masks for subway and ALL transportation. Many fired people. Many harmed people in NYC. VERY MISERABLE.

  2. Not only Ny City….all over America is done soon their won't be any more moral left. Cos this government is killing their own people…

  3. Rents it through the roof there's no apartments I say bullshit I'm born and raised here and I will tell you in 58 years the city has never been in such dire straits work from home changed everything forever the absolute insanity and crime no one on the subways we don't make back from this one

  4. Born, raised, and worked in NYC for 40 years. It’s never been this bad. An absolute sewer. The state’s garbage can. A walk along any of the major avenues with all the shuddered businesses and stepping over homeless people gives one an idea on how far this city has fallen. I wouldn’t take a subway on a bet. RIP NYC. Thanks DeBlasio.

  5. If you take the subway to work make sure you.chain yourself to.a gate before the train comes.That way some thug won't throw you on the tracks and you'll make it to work.

  6. Yes. Biden has done an amazing job in hurting and harming us regular people. Right off the bat, I have 2 dead loved ones because of medical malpractice agenda,

    and because of mandates: a fired brother that is a trucker and a fired niece that is a teacher and a fired sister in law that is a nurse.

    And half of the entire family is against the other half over mandates. What a great job, Brandon.

    The destruction of entire families is not being televised.

  7. Yuck: Mandates forced on employees by bosses and owners. Vaccines still mandated on certain jobs. . Masks mandatory on subways and ALL transportation. . People hurt emotionally and psychologically and economically by getting fired over mandates. Families destroyed. MSM not discussing all the fired people. Poor little children forced to mask in public schools. Rents $3000 for a studio. Rich people and strong and others that could fight back, abandoned NYC to the politicians. They gone. It’s a miserable environment in NYC.

  8. New York is reaping the effects of its Draconic covid mandates and the shift to work from home

    No real incentive to live in one of the world’s most expensive cities when you can land the NY job and work remotely in Virginia

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