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It’s one of New York ‘s best kept secrets. Lying in plain sight of the city is an island which no one has inhabited for more than 50 years. Photographer Christopher Payne shares the secrets of North Brother Island.

Archival photographs and maps courtesy New York Correction History Society, New York City Correction Academy, New York Public Library, New York Municipal Archives, UCLA Department of Geography, Benjamin and Gladys Thomas Air Photo Archives, Fairchild Collection.

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  1. It’s a shame that beautiful buildings like this are abandoned to rot. Remember these buildings the next time a politician comes to you wanting to raise taxes to take care of the homeless.

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  4. The I-10 it could be a very abandoned at a of this used to be a hospital that are many people that are symptoms or sickness that emit treat them over too good of it to stay healthy and stronger and to go get back for their feet that are of the affair better but since times are already passed already. The items they are banded today and sometimes that's some items that are up there could be like not to trespass in it right there because sometimes the item it could be carryover darkest secrets are not sharing into the light from others or anyone because sometimes that well only time will tell. That may need buildings and other things going to be like disappear forever there will be no more over to remember that a how it is became how did they started and how this being a functional data well the beginning of to be a belt finish and what faith of the future will be hoped of this abandoned I me because sometimes that is just the item but if this then that it could be transformed over to a hospital like a emergency it could be like a mini of equipment supplies patients animated people sick to come to the island and that their treat them very good then everyone is going to be fair to feel better because everyone should know that already but sometimes. Of well everything it is must be like for the green paper it is the same time that out of a green paper is not going to be like approve or something else because it's going to be like flushing in the toilet seat sorry everyone because sometimes you need to know is the truth about it because sometimes that well going to be what's happening next and time will tell

  5. So often when you see places like this scumbags have been there already and vandalized things like smashing the windows and those books scattered everywhere. They are like a plague of worthless people.

  6. Thank you for posting these incredible photos and telling us this story of North Brother Island. I know this island and always wondered if it had a name and how I could get to walk through there. I even called NYC parks and they said there was no way I could get on that island. I saw a documentary on what the earth would look like if we humans were gone, Maybe it was the one you were speaking about…

  7. I was on brother island in the 1960s in a youth house we used to walk to the abandoned Hospital and wander around in it and all the stuff was there Gurney's carts beds chairs it was like the people vanished

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