New York, New Jersey Governors Announce Preparations For Winter Storm

The governors of New York and New Jersey are ready to deploy resources in response to Sunday night’s storm, and they’re warning residents not to head out for any unnecessary travel; CBS2’s Kevin Rincon reports.


  1. It’s winter in New England, when did people get so soft? I remember plowing the road w/ my Subaru, snow up over the hood and roads so icy you couldn’t walk across them. Just drive cautiously, with studded snow tires, and you’ll be fine. I actually gave a ride to a guy once, who was trying to cross the road on an incline, he kept sliding down, hitting the side and climbing back up through the crunch layer. The local high school custodian who was tasked w/ cranking up the heat, salting the sidewalks, and basically getting the school open in the morning.

  2. They will botch it up like every year. My town is not even plowing yet. Woodland park nj. Dont plan on the state doing anything but funneling a bunch of money to their accounts.

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  4. They are ready for any Strom last few years we are having Strom of looting shooting slashing an pushing on train tracks public should know that thousands of business have closed down because of this so I ask the politicians statement on this Storm

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