New York Jets Mock Draft: Breaking down an 'IDEAL' Jets draft scneario

What should the New York Jets do in the NFL Draft? Could the NY Jets double up on WR? Jake Asman lays out his ideal mock draft scenario and talks about all things Jets!

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  1. You take the stud defenders: Tib @4 & Sauce @ 10 . There are plenty of good receiver's in this draft and it's not like your don't have good receivers. Your next step is to build the O line. The Jets are really close and a great defense will bring you closer. They can score 3 TD's a game.

  2. Rest in. ✌ peace. Tom. Seaver. Clarke. Gillies. John. Potvin. Rod. Gilbert (and the great people I missed?)and.our Prayers are with you. Mr Mike. Bossy let's beat cancer's ass together I do still believe we can do this. Amen

  3. How happy would I be if we get the the rushing end,the lineman ,the receiver,and the center 😃 then with our picks that are left(I hope we have them all) minus some of next year's picks. I so much hope we use next year's draft picks. The picks in this year's draft where the rounds are loaded are such a great match for our team's needs and who is eligible coming out of college are matched made in football heaven

  4. Boye. Maffe..spelling.? At pick 35… rounds 2 and 3 are loaded in this draft heck. Olave could be there ? ….maybe. Linderbaum with a trade back🤔 usr a pick from next year to trade back the 3 and 3 rounds are loaded so trade up and use picks from this draft would be counter productive …then think

  5. The jets don’t need a center, mangold was a consensus great player. Linderbomb is not mangold.
    . They need linebackers! And there are some decent 2nd round options.

  6. Someone mentioned a Don Maynard jersey. Just to report, NFL HOF and and Super Bowl winning Jets WR Don Maynard passed away January 10, 2022 in Texas his native state. I got his autograph on a mini helmet by just calling him on the phone, his number was listed. Sent him the helmet, a pen, and return postage and about a month or so later I got it back, signed "Don Maynard HOF 1987." BTW, I did the same exact thing with Emerson Boozer, who worked for the town of Farmingdale. I have both of their autographs on Jets mini helmets. I also have Joe Namath's autograph on a mini helmet as well, but I had to buy his John Hancock.

  7. Hey Jake love your show how about edge and Williams in 1st safety and LB in 2nd RB in 3rd Oline and Dline in 4th projects in 5th I didn't pick any Corners guess u can't fill every position

  8. You don't need to trade back up into the 1st to get good WRs. If we could get 2 of George Pickens, Christian Watson, David Bell, Alec Pierce Khalil Shakir, or Jahan Dotson, we'll be fine.

  9. 40 speed & game speed are 2 Different animals…. Wilson may run a 4.38 40 but plays like he runs a 4.6… no thx… Williams @ 10 ALL DAY… There will be no WR taken before #10 in the 2022 nfl draft.

  10. I love your content and overall approach to the draft but disagree on your player evaluation. I worry about Thibodeaux and fear he might be a head case in NY especially with how absolutely brutal the NY market can be. I would take Trayvon Walker over Thibodeaux. Wide receiver at 10 is fine but good god, you have to take Jameson Williams there if you take one at 10. Then if you double dip in second round how can you not take Christian Watson or Alec Pierce? And after Hamilton, who I’m not totally convinced is this unicorn, the next best safety is Lewis Cine. Linebacker you can get Chenal or Andersen later and I would put them ahead of Muma anyway. And it isn’t ideal to trade away picks when there are so many holes. Trade back from 10, get Linderbaum and still get your receivers at the top of round two. Biggest needs for this draft? An impact edge rusher, one or two stud receivers, and improve the linebacker room. If these aren’t accomplished then the draft is a failure.

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