New York Jets INSIDER Rich Cimini dishes on the next 'BIG MOVE' that is coming

Will the New York Jets make a big splash and trade for a #1 WR? What big move will New York Jets GM Joe Douglas make in the NFL Draft? ESPN NY Jets Insider Rich Cimini joins Jake Asman to talk all things Jets and answer your questions…

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  1. The argument for Thibs is he was the top prospect coming out of HS and was "supposed" to be great and #1 overall pick – good freshman season, etc . He has NOT played to that billing since (Good not great production in a weak conference). He's falling because of THAT. If the film was off that charts, he'd be #1, even with all of the dumb shit he says.

  2. Jake loves KT, Cimini hates him. Interesting to see how that player pans out. Zach’s last 5 games were actually pretty good. Now, protect his ass with great OL pick at #4

  3. Zach sucks. You are wasting time with this nonsense. He is Darnold/Mayfield. U would be lucky to get a 5th for him. Draft Willis.

  4. Berrios is a zero. If he takes meaningful snaps then season is already over. Not worth even mentioning. Would never make a descent team.

  5. rich cimini man, of course the handpicked stats saying zach is the worst rookie qb of the last 20 years. Thanks for joining the show but I hope you get transferred to a new team next season manish, i mean rich.

  6. I would love cimini, since whatever he says… I can usually count on the opposite being true. The only problem is how he wastes his access to jets with questions designed to trip up these young men and create controversy when he could be asking questions about football.
    In contrast, check out the mike westhof interview Jake did — awesome. There’s a guy who brings real insights. And Jake did a great job of getting him pointed in the right direction and then standing back and letting mike talk.

  7. Lol cimini said they did a pretty good job on guessing what JD was gonna dO??????? Lol they haven't got anything right since JD was here. Lol cimini and conner Hughes put out everything under the sun on trades and draft picks and they are still wrong all the time lol what a job be wrong everyday and still get a pay check

  8. I wouldn't give Seattle back what we got for Adams in exchange for DK Metcalf EITHER (and Douglas won't), though it WOULD turn the entire episode into Jamal Adams-for-DK Metcalf which would still be a win for the Jets. They can get him for less, though and Big Papa knows it.

  9. I'm guessing we're not gonna' get a WR trade. I bet we'll enter 2022 with a rookie in the second round plus the …. exact same WR room as last year! Obviously if they stay healthy, put in some more "creative plays", really use these new TE's and then the D can actually cause a couple punts per game, I'd say we have a decent season. 8-9 wins. You heard it here.

  10. This is why Jets fans obsession with a number 1 WR is ill advised. We NEED Wilson to prove he’s at least a competent QB. We gave Mark Sanchez every weapon possible and he still wasn’t good. Good QB elevates WRs not the other way around

  11. Why does Rich annoy me so much? He says, "if it was me personally, I wouldn't take him (KT)… (Walker) he is a perfect scheme fit." Thankfully, it has nothing to do with Rich or his personal opinions.

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