New York Gov. Cuomo mandates COVID-19 vaccine or testing for transport workers

The agencies overseeing New York’s bridges, trains and seaports will require their workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine or get tested weekly starting next month amid rising cases of the Delta variant, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday.

Cuomo also told a briefing that he was urging bars, restaurants and other private businesses to consider requiring all customers be vaccinated before entering.

He also said that vaccines could become mandatory for nursing home workers and teachers if case numbers do not improve. He said they learned “a painful lesson” with nursing home deaths. “How did it get into the nursing homes? It came in with an aid,” he said Monday.

“If you want to teach my kids, I think you should be vaccinated,” Cuomo said, adding that schools should quickly formulate policies for teachers on vaccines and testing before schools reopen in the coming weeks.

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  1. Your idea of 'health' is not the same as mine. Injecting chemicals and mRNA technology is not what I believe equals health.
    Eating healthy, detoxing my body, vitamins and minerals, Sunshine, fresh air etc…is what health means to ME. And probably many others…
    Forcing others to inject substances against their will is what I call medical rape and tyranny.

  2. It makes no sense at all how does a unvaccinated person gets a vaccinated person sick and the person that's unvaccinated ain't even sick to begin with but the one that is vaccinated gets sick because the other person was asymptomatic

  3. QUESTION: The uninfected are now to blame for the Covid-19 variant? ( "VACCINATED POLITICIANS", they say so! ). These vaccinated contracted the virus from the vaccine, and now the Covid-19 variant is their fault from the NON-vaccinated people who chose not to receive the Covid-19 variant in their bodies, the contagion came from those vaccines infected with Covid-19 in the first place. Who's sick? Who should they blame and manipulate? Sorry, the unvaccinated, we are not to blame, we have nothing to do with that china VIRUS, and COMMUNIST VACCINE!

  4. I saw an interesting meme:

    It showed two people a guy and a lady walking in the rain. The lady had an umbrella and the guy didn't. The meme said "If you don't use yours, then mine won't work."

    That is very relevant. It shows how ridiculous this whole engineered crisis is.


  5. Question to the democrats on YouTube….. New York just made it mandatory for people to show their Vaccination card to eat inside. Isn't that similar to voter ID? So is that racist too? Food for your thoughts…

  6. GOV Cuomo's real last name is Hernandez. He's a Black Latin Hypocrite. He's also related to G Unit's Tony Yayo. This is why 50 Cent calls himself the King Of New York. God knows how much money Cuomo has stolen from Democrats. The unemployment rate in New York City is infested with Democrats.

  7. Red States and people who love freedom need to Boycott New York for succumbing to Faucsim (Its a literal fascist Police State) Denizens of New York need implement a General Strike.

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