New York City hit by extreme weather, flooding subways and streets

The US east coast was hit by extreme weather on Thursday as heavy thunderstorms brought flooding and travel disruption to New York City. The city witnessed dramatic scenes as subway stations were inundated by water due to heavy rainstorms ahead of the arrival of Tropical Storm Elsa

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Hail, tornadoes and flooded New York subways as stormy weather hits east coast ►

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  1. Let's see what those anti-China americans who laughed at, criticised, cursed China when it faced its worse floods in Zhengzhou then have to say now. This is Karma paying back big time!

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  3. Demacrates only believe in climate change when their fundraising depends on it but never believe they should give up their gigantic suv's and private planes there will be no change as long as Joe Biden's brother is in charge of u.s. oil only Joe's family is allowed to drill for oil in America these days

  4. An Orthodox monk prophesied this, I watched it 5 years ago, also at some point in the future a huge earthquake is expected. Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

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