New York AG’s Investigation Of Cuomo Included 179 Interviews, 70 Subpoenas

NBC News’ Tom Winter reports on the steps the New York attorney general’s office took in conducting its investigation of Gov. Cuomo as well as the legal foundation for its arguments.

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New York AG’s Investigation Of Cuomo Included 179 Interviews, 70 Subpoenas


  1. I think we should support Chris and his brother! So what if they sexually abused a few women? They said they were sorry and they are both very good on so many important issues. I think we should give them both another chance. If Cosby got a second chance why shouldn't the Cuomos? Although, I must admit, Joy Reid, would not want us to shed any white tears for the Cuomos.

  2. CNN is not a news network. It's Tabloid Television. I wouldn't trust Chris as a morning rush hour traffic reporter..
    He should stick to stories about Elvis, Bigfoot & UFO sightings

  3. New Yorkers stand up for your Govonor do not let the Media run your state your Govonor has stood up for you and your families thru Covid, Jobs and monies for you and your families stand up and tell them NO NOT HAPPENING…he has been there for everyone of you New Yorkers always and you the average person's know that fight to keep your Govonor if he has be disrespectful then sanction him with taking his PAY for up to 3 mths support your Govonor and let him finish his TERM NOW

  4. The democrats know that his REAL crime was the nursing home scandal, but they were afraid that if he were tried for that we would all be learning of the democrat congress' involvement and destroying their agenda – so miraculously, around the same time, women came out of the woodwork to accuse him of a different kind of crime. SLICK, real SLICK. I'm sure they paid Cuomo VERY handsomely to be a patsy and keep quiet and also paid the women really well to play the part.

  5. And NYC hospital's sending elderly and disabled to a NYS OUT-OF-STATE nursing home where many die or die in a local hospital.

    Ignored pleas to STOP sending people to HRC/COH in Massachusetts; NYS Out-Of-State nursing home where residents are BEATEN, DRUGGED. NEGLECTED…and civil rights violations.

    What else don't we know?

  6. MSNBC why aren't you covering Line3??? Police have been paid 500 000 to arrest Indigenous protestors. Get on it, you have large enough teams. We see your corporate ties.

  7. Nobody said they told him to stop. Nobody said he was doing it repeatedly after asked to stop. All this evidence is one sided accusations. The cops will arrest you for anything but he’s still free. See through the lies people. Sounds like he was trying to see if they were available or not. Not like he was stalking them. Evil hearted women trying to ruin this man’s career.

  8. Hold up! So it's totally cool for a supreme court justice to engage in "inappropriate" behaviors, but we'll crucify a state governor? Not a defense of Cuomo, but a question!

  9. Let's hope Democrats don't do what Republicans did and lift up the likes of Matt Gaetz the only member to vote against the human trafficking Bill. Cuomo should stand aside until the investigation is completed.

  10. Creepy Cuomo and the Creeper-in-Chief Biden. Perfect couple. Cuomo may see more damage from his sexual misconduct than for the thousands he killed in nursing homes.

  11. I was wondering why she did not look truthful something was not right Something was off as she was speaking when you said she want to run for governor herself that explained it. Thanks

  12. It is absolutely unconscionable that it gets thrown back on the WOMEN to pursue justice in a matter investigated at taxpayer expense.
    The cowardice of authorities is beyond the pale. Truly.

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