New York AG: Investigation Found Gov. Cuomo 'Sexually Harassed Multiple Women'

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that her department’s investigation of allegations against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo found that he “sexually harassed multiple women.” 

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New York AG: Investigation Found Gov. Cuomo ‘Sexually Harassed Multiple Women’


  1. I can't stand Cuomo but he should be afforded due process. Make no mistake, this is a political move and America should be in a COMPLETE UPROAR due to this AG's actions!!! If this is allowed to be done with him, none of us will be safe from conviction without due process. She is just another politician attempting to invalidate the use of the Constitution under which ALL law is enforced in our nation!!! This is an OUTRAGE!!!!

  2. This woman doesn't care about political affiliations , she goes after anyone. This problem is in every corporate, state, federal, local institutions in US. These people are always in high leadership positions and they always have assistance covering up things for them.

  3. absolutely nothing will happen to Cuomo…..not a single thing. He will stay in power, and the DA already said she will not do anything.

  4. What a horrible disappointment .
    He must have rocks in his head to think that in this day and age that all this would not back fire on him. May be there will be some irony here if he ends up sharing a prison cell with trump.

  5. So the AG investigated and found he broke state and federal laws. Now it's time to either arrest and charge him with those crimes or show the world that in America, if you are a rich and powerful man you can commit crimes, sexually assault and harass women and get away with it. Saying it is one thing. Doing something about it is another. Let's see if the New York AGs office is as corrupt as Gov. Cuomo.

  6. So sad SMH WOW!!!
    That was quick, and yet we are still waiting for Trump to pay for it his crimes. And why is there no justice for Stormy Daniels🤔

  7. AG Tish James is excellent. I feel so sorry for his staff. I stand with Charlotte and the other accusers.

  8. Gov Cuomo was set-up and those women got paid they been coming for Cuomo every since he maid Donald Trump look stupid about COVID-19 we new it was coming but didn't know when set-up

  9. Wait a minute. Are any of the charges criminal? Did any vaginal penetration occur? Did any female protest so vigorously to prevent the assault or at least let other staff know immediately? And where are the witnesses? I can assure you they were not so offended to quit and to smear a man based on innuendo and un-corroborated statements reminds me of the Salem Witch-hunt. Don’t get me wrong ladies, I Completely understand your point of view. Yet to ramrod an old man with traditional attitudes on females is ridiculous. We get it. You don’t want to be touched, joke with, ogled over in any way.

  10. Did any of the so called victims quit there job working for Mario . Or make a complaint due to these alleged assaults at the time.

  11. IF this isn’t trump trying get a governor to pardon him, these complaints came out within a day of trumps financials going to the DA from Mazars. Coincidence?

  12. Im not Coumo fan at all, ( dont hate him though) but I hope the same Right Wingers who are frothing at the mouth at this have the same energy when this same NY AG shows her findings on Donald Trump's investigation.

  13. The thing to do now is step down. The lights just going to get brighter. You're bringing your father's name down and he was a responsible governor, man.

  14. She isn't going to pursue charges against him for 2 reasons. #1 The DOJ is telling her to stand down & #2? The DOJ is telling her that her first and only priority is Trump. The swamp will not prosecute it's own. Expect Trump to be the black sheep that makes Cuomo's scandals magically disappear.

  15. This is petty, but…

    It undercuts my ability to absorb her point when, the whole time, I'm yelling, "It's PICture! PIC-TURE! Not 'pitcher'. There's a 'K' sound. 'Pic'… And then 'cher'. PICTURE!!"

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