1. The real tragedy is that someone paid someone else to do a poll to indicate what everyone already knew…..San Fran government is a colossal failure

  2. I've been seeing alot of people move here from California
    They seem to afford nice houses though
    Looks like a shit hole

  3. Did it really take a poll to figure this out? This is NOT BECAUSE OF COVID. i was up there 4 years ago and it was a nightmare on par with skid row.
    My 1st image of San Drugsisco is literally of a freakin homeless guy, with his pants down, POOPING IN THE STREET, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

  4. no surprise. just like in LA, all this upscale apartments and condos being mass built yet so many homeless wandering the streets. even the most modest homes are out of the reach for the working class. in my 30 yrs of life, i've never seen so much of a gap between rich and poor. the middle class is literally dissolving. we need a new direction in CAL.

  5. I don't know what all this sad talk bout San Francisco is about. Then again, I was only there for a short time BUT I was very impressed with how much positivity I saw.

  6. This is what happens when you decriminalize shit like petty theft. Just letting homeless people and criminals run rampant in the name of being progressive

  7. Pelosi does not care she has her own security detail, stop voting democrat. I visited in the early 2000's and it was beautiful at the time.

  8. You watch old TV shows from the 50s and 60s they would chase Bumbs out of town. That's pretty much what a homeless person is a bumb. They should give them two days to get out of town load them on a bus and drop them off at the county line. They come back jail them.

  9. Investments is code for more taxes which means more businesses & people will leave – and that right there is the problem.

  10. Maybe if people stop depending on the government and start working has a community their environment will start improving. Most homeless stay homeless because they like living freely. We all have to work to have a good life but if the community keeps panhandling and supporting those who just like to get free privileges they’re going to stay living in the streets. Literally a homeless man can make more in a day than a agricultural worker .That’s why theirs so many videos of “fake homeless “. Don’t get me wrong being homeless is a terrible thing but if you was someone with dignity you’ll go to church or a community service & give your support to get support.

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