Man Slashed, Beaten in Early-Morning Assault in NYC Subway Station | News 4 Now

Police are searching for a pair of men suspected of assaulting a 64-year-old man at a subway station turnstile on Sunday morning.

Station video released by the NYPD over the weekend shows the victim attacked by two masked men wearing hoodies. Police said the man was slashed in the head and punched and kicked by the suspects.

The men also allegedly made off with $150 taken from the man before fleeing the station. The victim was taken to a hospital for treatment.



  1. Fight back and stab your attackers using any sharp kitchen tool you have in your drawers. Then, just walk away. You have the same chance to be arrested as your attackers. Zero, point zero chance of arrest.

  2. Black guy sucker punches Asian woman= Hate crime !!!
    Black guy sucker punches white woman= The knockout "game" (no hate crime, it was just a "game")
    So called equality

  3. For anyone who's starting to realize that they played us; and that our communities are now worse off, while our leaders are unexplicably better off, it's not too late to fix the mistake this time around. Is our community better off when there is no local drugstore when our kid gets sick (because they couldn't afford to stay open because criminals just openly steal everything)? Are inflation and unemployment better for our communities? It affects the poor the most. Are we safer now? Are our kids? Are our elderly parents? The Left plays people. They pretend to care about us and then screw us while their own pockets get deeper and deeper. How did Biden get so filthy rich when he's been working for the government his entire life? How is Cori Bush pushing so hard to defund the police while she's getting private security for herself? Safety for her but not everyone else? Criminals are having a blast now, but what about good and innocent people? And where did all the BLM money go? The BLM leaders seem to be much better off, but the communities? They played everyone. We need to fix our mistakes.

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