1. I knew him as a youth and I worked with him for a year leading up this incident. Guilty as hell. Shady character. He made a choice. He can be held accountable and needs to go to prison for what he did.

  2. As Kim Foxx said, "This accused killer is a great person and we must get him back to his street friends and family to make sure justice prevails, he is also black."

  3. No matter who it is that he killed ,he should get life in prison no matter what because for one,you should not kill no one. I don’t care what position u are in or who u are in this world it should not be no blood shed on anyone unless if it’s a matter of protecting yourself against someone.

  4. I'm no cop supporter but this killer acting like a victim and thanks to democratic organizations primarily always helps these monsters to get free pass I dont understand how society votes in crooked people dat pretty much help the criminals out ..In tijuana I feel more justice is in the air with these cops I sence and see eye for an eye .that's fair to me.

  5. How is the justice system a problem here ? A Black defendant getting all his rights and more with due process.

    While I am sickened by the facts of this case, I am heartened at the lack of apparent "white supremacy" in this particular process.

    Defend the justice system guys – it is working and will work. Don't lament the fact that a bad guy gets due process…. celebrate it. Just as the families of dead criminals call for police to be fired and imprisoned without due process – it is important to see that everyone gets their day (or 2… or 3…) in court.

    This is what freedom looks like. Celebrate YOUR freedom as it is exemplified here.

  6. The killer had an IQ of 79 before shooting the man, so he couldn't have helped in his defense regardless of what happened to him. Some people are just too stupid to be allowed to live in society

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