Man Killed in San Francisco Double Shooting Identified

The San Francisco Medical Examiner’s Office has identified a man killed in a double shooting Thursday in the city’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood as 21-year-old Samuel Jessop of San Francisco. Thom Jensen reports.

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  1. It's almost funny All the mass shootings are in demacrats run city's wow that's what they get for let's criminals out with just a slap on the hand proof there crazy policies don't work let's go brandon God bless president trump

  2. SF wake the fck up! You question what’s going on in your town? You guys are fckin nuts! Hope SF get Anarchy.

  3. No mugshot. So would this be classified as no humans involved, like how the LAPD used to term it

  4. The nerve of this entitled guy and defending himself, why not just hand over the goods to this innocent dead victim trying to feed his family and children

  5. Let's just live in a happy world. We will all be so kind and trusting. What can go wrong…

  6. all of today's stupid kids love to feel special and set up vigils everywhere. what color was the robber who got swift justice?

  7. smh @ them putting a memorial up for the criminal that got shot trying to victimize someone else.

  8. Dont get it twisted. Hes a criminal and died a criminal, not a victim. No one should be feeling sorry for these losers.

  9. Had the stores taken the same approach……there would be no restricted hours or repeat offenders.

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