Man Arrested After Broad Daylight Stabbing in San Francisco

A man was arrested Tuesday in connection with a stabbing that happened in San Francisco in broad daylight. Ginger Conejero Saab reports.

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  1. Democrats are doing an excellent job lmfao. The residents of these cities deserve what they voted for.

  2. How's that liberal idealism working out for you folks? That poor stabbing victim got a serious dose of reality and he ain't likin' it at all!

  3. We need to take away all assault knives !!!!! why isnt the newscasters talking about knife violence????

  4. I hear Chesa is pressing charges against the woman who was stabbed for hampering and impeding an armed robbery.

  5. They said robbed an older Asian woman and a White woman came to help and got punched by the suspect.

  6. Wow San Francisco actually has Police I did not know that very interesting I’m sure you are going to tell me they have a District Attorney as well. Let’s see how long this person stays behind bars.

  7. SF prosecutor does not want to prosecute criminals, they give early relies to criminals that ware in jail and they want to defend the police. What do people of SF expect but high crime and poop on the streets? You elect wrong politicians you must live with consequences of stupid decisions.

  8. They arrest them and the D.A let’s them go…. Why because they don’t want to ruin their life and send them to prison… BS.

  9. We know the race of every other person involved in this, from the reporter, video and witness testimonial… yet they won’t mention suspects races. New hashtag to track this avoidance

  10. Chesa is helping us to see the failures of mass society. God bless him and may the consequences of all policies with regard to ignorance, avarice, and complacency be set free!

  11. Everybody's race is mentioned EXCEPT the attacker. What a joke you are ginger conejero saa and the rest of the media. You did one public service though. You perfectly showed how dishonest the media !!

  12. Robberies and assaults are more violent and frequent because of no consequences, thanks to our DA.

  13. Keep voting Democrat and keep getting what you're voting for. If a good samaritan got in the way of a robbery or mugging, Chesa Boudin will figure she deserved it for preventing the perp from making a living.

  14. Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. It's inherent virtue is the equal sharing…of misery !

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