1. Future 2040 post. DDT sugar smoking asbestos untested vaccines were all safe and good for you according to all the government regulators, who were operating as greedy marketing reps instead of scientists or Health Care regulators.

  2. New scumbag disgusting Mayor. New AL Sharpton already Bought by big interest Elites not for anyone but his Bank Account. JOKE

  3. Athletes and entertainers aren’t needed… doctors,firemen,police, and all essential workers are needed!
    WAKE UP!

  4. No will ever be able to work without vaccine or mask mandates again don't bet your money on other things cause it will never happen lol

  5. American is mystery Babylon she will fall flee righteous ones from the cities of iniquity. John 3:16.

  6. Everything WOKE in America is backward inbread retarded as stupid mouth breathing low life bottom feeding single digit IQ having bastardized chewed up and spit out..
    good luck

  7. Does he thinks he's god???
    Who works and who doesn't…
    Im still out because of vaccine…he dont care…worse than diblassio

  8. Dr. Ducky was quacking today on the news about our 4 booster, its new and improved for those new and improved viruses.

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