Louis Vuitton Store Robbed in San Francisco's Union Square

Police officers in San Francisco responded to the city’s fashionable Union Square Friday evening following reports of looting and vandalism at retail stores there, according to a police spokesperson.

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  1. Its not just the government fault its the music these people listen to, I stopped listening to rap and hip hop because its all about doing drugs and robbing or killing

  2. Make the real estate worthless so they can buy it up for pennies so when they have everything they want all of a sudden everything bad happening goes away like a miracle occurred. They are doing this in all major cities and y'all fall for the scam everytime, not because your dumb, you were forced. It's time to wake up.

  3. What the heck. If they are in the real act of robbing, they are robbers, not suspects. People are trying so hard to twist reality using pathetic language. People have already got sick of this linguistic whitewashing.

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