London flooding: vehicles stranded and tube stations submerged after thunderstorms

Many parts of London were left waterlogged after heavy thunderstorms hit on Sunday. The Met Office has issued an amber warning for storms covering London and parts of the home counties where homes and businesses are at risk of flooding, lasting until 7pm on Sunday. Pudding Mill Lane station was seen under what appeared to be at least a foot of water, while in Worcester Park, cars were left stranded underneath a bridge

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  1. I was thinking the center of the roundabout, near the sand's carlisle, for one place, and the channel's running thought the old walk way's, one heading up past the sand's, and the other past the castle. And still have the walk way's excessible.

  2. So i have maybe a fix for the flooding, know you pick somewere in the flood plain, maybe located inbetween the river over flow point – and you dig, big round hole, 100meter at least, then you also dig channel's to the river, makeing it so you can open and shut the river off, know at the bottom of the hole, you put massive water pumps, prob 3 maybe 4, or 5, depending on capability, the cover hole nicely so can be waled over, or just prity, and ever time it rain's to the point of flooding we open the river door's, and pump all water out to coast. I thank you.

  3. The Guardian have been blaming these London floods on climate change, well they would wouldn't they. London has seen its population grow from 6.5m to over 9m in recent years and the drains and sewers just can not cope. People concreting their front lawns, parks and school playing fields being built on, where is the rain water supposed to go? As I said the drains/sewers can't cope. By not acknowledging what the causes are people like the Guardian are just burying their heads in the sand and ignoring the problem.

  4. Over a third more people live in London now than they did 40 years ago, but the sewers have not been updated, sure global warning might be the reason for the heavy rain, but it’s not the reason for the floods.

  5. Why do people still try to drive through flood water? Surely everyone has seen at least one clip of some fool trying. It never ends well. Go the long way round. There is always another route that doesn't mean your car gets written off. You will never be the exception.

  6. A major part of the problem is seen at 0:55, all those former garden areas paved over for car storage, that's plants and soil removed and no longer helping absorb sudden downpours, acting as a buffer, all that water now simply runs into the streets increasing demand on the overwater systems

  7. All I think about is how apathetic Europeans have been to Africans for so long who have been living like this a while. Tilling salt into the soil before leaving was a scumbag move by many European countries. The icing on the cake was sitting back later and saying look without us they can't even grow food

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