1. This house of cards current administration is absolutely crumbling. I'm in Pennsylvania and let me tell you something, there is a massive red wave coming! I called it months ago that the mask/lockdown thing was going to resurface just about the time school is back in session. And here we are. I'm so sick and tired of all of the crybaby, give me everything for free lazy asses. Their parade (the colorful one too) is about to end. Disgraceful idiots that live in America.

  2. And most certainly was a successful week with the ones who opened the fake vaccine card scam. Didn’t mention that though did this “mayor”
    Now these folks who just wanted breathe a little and listen to good music are coming back to their homes across the U.S. with virus inside them looking like Brock “VENOM”

  3. Chicago getting some serious hatred here in these comments and I have to say that it seems very racist – not common sense as so many commentators claim to be simply reiterating. Common sense, too, isn’t always all that common.

  4. I really like the Mayor’s balanced approach and I trust her to keep us safe from the virus…so far, Chicago has done very well in my opinion in combating the virus. I was vaccinated because the mayor convinced me to do it for more reasons than those I could think of that caused hesitation. Thank you Mayor Lightfoot.

  5. Enjoy your usual "carrot and stick" + "mule whip" so-called "freedom", folks. The third re_ch had more freedom, the Yang empire had a little less freedom. You are somewhere in-between yet towards the end. The govt can not keep freedom, only the individual and people can keep freedom. The govt supposed to be "for the people, by the people", not cattlemen ALLOWING their BRANDED cattle to graze before going to the slaughterhouse. People are before the slaughterhouse stage.

  6. Just did lolla to bring in revenue to the city – now it’s time for a lockdown and mask mandate lol … notice there was no shootings the last 4 days ha ha …. This a joke

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