Lollapalooza 2021: Day 3 of fest includes new mask requirements

In addition to the Lollapalooza vaccine requirement or COVID testing, masks are now mandated indoors on day 3. FULL STORY HERE:


  1. How about showing vaccination proof before you come across the border illegally before you are imported to a us city of your choice at the expense of our hard earned money?

  2. Well we're be making room for all the immigrants because after this i wonder how many of these people will survive covid.🤔

  3. And yet, at every gothic and industrial club I've gone to, nearly half the people were wearing masks. Even a decade before the covid outbreak. Very suspicious.

    What did they know, that they weren't telling us? I smell a conspiracy….and cloves.

  4. I love how they say ''Well the people had to show vax cards or negative covid test'' Lol, yeah 100,000 people who will get drunk / high for the next few days have all been responsible and did what was required…

  5. Funny how CNN spent days on a Trump event which drew 50,000 but not much to say about this, nor Biden asking Gov. Cuomo to resign. Not a peep. But silly me, there's no bias in the media.

  6. Life Has to get back to normal!!!! You can get the vaccine shots and still get this. Now they are saying deer are infected. Where is the FLU IT HAS DISAPPEARED! COVID was here before we knew it was. We were not acting like prisoners. You have to ask yourself at what point are you going to come out and be normal again??? This is here to stay . Just like the flu. So look how many people normally get flu at this time of year? Well you are not going to find many to 0. You will live like a normal person or be locked up even if you take the vaccine. So take your pick. Remember not all people get flu shots. We don't wish death on them. I'm sure many of these young kids never had a flu shot. What's next. Use a birth control shot or we will kill the kid if you have more than 1. Becareful what everyone is pushing for. You may not like the outcome down the road.

  7. So now in 2-3 weeks you will see the largest increase on infections. These kids are so stupid!!!

    Lightfoot is the devil,flintstone foreheaded butch !!!

  8. Also they didn’t check any negative covid tests i could have just shown the a blank peice of paper and or a screen shot of nothing and they would of let me in

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