LIVE: Russian Forces Invade Ukraine As Biden Imposes Stronger Sanctions | NBC News

Watch live coverage as Russia launches attacks on multiple cities in Ukraine following months of military buildup. The military operations have provoked widespread condemnation from the U.S. and NATO allies.
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LIVE: Russia Launches Attack on Ukraine | NBC News


  1. Putin want to reform Soviet Union. So any nation used parts of Soviet Union have to help Ukraine to win Russia soon to avoid extension war to invade all former Soviet Union territory.

  2. See this Video popping up for viewing every so often. Currently says: "3 mo" . Will be very sad when the Video time since first shown, doubles and then doubles again to "6 mo. and then "1 yr" and the Russian's totally illegal and unprovoked War with Ukraine is still goin on.

  3. It's evil when it's happening to a western country right. What about the rest of millions dying because of war for years open your eyes have sympathy for everyone not just one.

  4. The west must accept these realities first: China is now the world's leading superpower and the 'state of the art' now comes from China and not the US. This is a RACIAL war and the west cannot come to terms with another race (Chinese, Indians, Asians, Africans etc) becoming a superpower since the white westerners believe in their white privilege. The UN charter of fundamental human rights was created in 1948 but race segregation laws remained in effect until the late 1960s, there is the genocide of native Americans still ongoing and there was slave trade and the country still needed movements like Black Lives Matter as racism is rampant. Most countries gained independence not because racism had ended but only because after the WWII the west could not afford to maintain their colonies. The ideology remains the same in the guise of NATO. One only needs to look at the past of NATO with all these men such as Hans Speidel, Adolf Heusinger, Friedrich Guggenberger, Hennig Strumpell, Franz Josef Strauss. NATO is no longer a defensive alliance but an offensive millitary alliance and its scope is not just limited to NATO member countries but has interfered in countries such as Serbia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya, Bosnia and Herzegovina to name a few. Instead of being disbanded after the collapse of USSR and being integrated into UN peacekeeping, it now has ulterior racist motives. If the biolabs story is to be true, then the west might already have created pathogens to wipe out an entire race (blacks, browns, Asians) and a solution to Ukraine will just buy some time before the west makes their next misadventure to create a Christian white empire in the northern hemisphere and dominate the world and reinforce imperialism and then go after China. Non-whites in EU/NATO countries are minorities and the most downtrodden communities and they can easily be wiped out. If a genocide could take place in the last century then it is more than possible in the near future. Non-whites (Arabs, Iranians, Africans) all can be victims, but they cannot be freedom fighters, they cannot take up arms to violently repel an attack on their people, they are only allowed only to wave signs and a flag, chanting for the West to save them. The Ukrainians, on the other hand, have the right to defend themselves, they can throw Molotov cocktails at the Russians, use weapons and the west will glorify that and even supply weapons.

  5. I'm going to be as respectful as I can as a parent from an lgbtq daughter I have another daughter but no she's in second third grade I think she could wait one more year to hear everything she already knows what she knows but I do not need the school teaching them anything else

  6. Stronger sanction on russia huh. Starting to think biden doesnt have no clue on why soldiers main intentions are, for glory and honor. Doesn't have nothing to do with currencies now, it's the will to fight and survive another day, period.

  7. Stop provoking the Russian to your puppeteer USA for the everydrop of Ukrainian blood for USA greedy hands relise they are the Evil not Russia history has proved this. USA are the biggest grubs they proved this in Kosovo Libya Syria Iraq Afghanistan Palestine and toppled many governments to benefit their greedy agendas at the hands of civilians WAKE up people USA are evil globalist

  8. OH. You mean Biden was punishing before they did anything? That's not innocent until proven guilty. Zelensky got Billions to fight Russia first? Biden was robbing Russian citizens first? Do the American people know this? 35 Billion dollars to Ukraine? Wow.

  9. The United States stole all nuclear weapons from Ukraine, guaranteeing security. Now, under Lend-Lease, they want to sell us what is left of the USSR. And their junk from the 70s. Are these your security guarantees? Return what was stolen.!!! And you stole the third nuclear potential of the world from the Ukrainians. You did it on purpose so that the Russian fascists could seize Ukraine and, later, Europe. USA, you thieves return the weapons stolen from Ukraine !!!!. Слава УКРАИНЕ.

  10. The United States stole all nuclear weapons from Ukraine, guaranteeing security. Now, under Lend-Lease, they want to sell us what is left of the USSR. And their junk from the 70s. Are these your security guarantees? Return what was stolen.!!! And you stole the third nuclear potential of the world from the Ukrainians. You did it on purpose so that the Russian fascists could seize Ukraine and, later, Europe. USA, you thieves return the weapons stolen from Ukraine !!!!

  11. The United States stole all nuclear weapons from Ukraine, guaranteeing security. Now, under Lend-Lease, they want to sell us what is left of the USSR. And their junk from the 70s. Are these your security guarantees? Return what was stolen.!!! And you stole the third nuclear potential of the world from the Ukrainians. You did it on purpose so that the Russian fascists could seize Ukraine and, later, Europe. USA, you thieves return the weapons stolen from Ukraine !!!!

  12. The United States stole all nuclear weapons from Ukraine, guaranteeing security. Now, under Lend-Lease, they want to sell us what is left of the USSR. And their junk from the 70s. Are these your security guarantees? Return what was stolen.!!! And you stole the third nuclear potential of the world from the Ukrainians. You did it on purpose so that the Russian fascists could seize Ukraine and, later, Europe. USA, you thieves return the weapons stolen from Ukraine !!!!

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  14. Demoncrat said they will support Ukraine independent. However, they will abandoned Ukraine when opportunities arrived.
    The US Demoncratic leaders are bunch of hypocrite.
    In 1975, they said they will support the demoncracy of south Vietnam. But, in April of 1975, the Democrat's leadership in the US abandoned south Vietnam to the communist north.

  15. PUTINGRAD 2022

    And so the prophecy fulfils

    the beast is come with fire and hate

    to harvest souls unjudged by God

    his underworld to populate.

    The human race in Netflix dreams will overcome you cry

    with prayers and propaganda anihilate his holocaustic mix

    he's Just a man? yet still his kingdom comes

    the number known, was always known, as 666

  16. Praying for Ukraine, heartbreaking. Just know that I am praying for the military, the president, and outsiders helping Ukraine. He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." Surely he will save you from the fowler's snare and from the deadly pestilence.

  17. NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and CNN is not telling the truth about what is going on. Very sad for Ukraine people, but the US media are liars. They are covering for Joe Biden and the White House. Trying to hide the corruption of Ukraine. The people of Ukraine are suffering because of corrupt governments. NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and CNN needs to be held accountable.

  18. WW2 like war being started to hide WW2 like genocide. Adolf Hitler exterminated 12000000 under the guise of a typhus epidemic, and now ​a corona virus pandemic. Corona means crown, and a virus attacking the crown/government is some thing exposing government (2Corinthians4:4). Revelation/Apocalypse 17,18 can only apply to one place on earth. Research it well to learn who has been behind slaughters for centuries! 1John5:19 is trying to stop Daniel12:4,2:44,45. Hitler was an unexcommunicated Catholic. Revelation/Apocalypse 17,18. Hitler rounded up to go to concentration camps because of a supposed typhus epidemic, and they were gassed on the way by vehicle exhaust, or by zyklon B rodent extermination gas. (h#$%@3n)cyanide. Just like Hitler started a World War to hide the genocide, so are they now. NATO nations were in Ukraine militerizing against Russia for a long time. NATO changed the name of the capital of Ukraine from a Russian word to a new name. The West overthrew the Russian backed government less than 10 years ago and has been killing those still loyal to Russia and calling them separatists or Russian sympathizers. NATO was sending in refurbished former East German heavy weapons. There were massive quantities of UK/US rockets and rocket launchers, which regular Catholic Ukrainians use to destroy Russian military vehicles. NATO calls Russia stupid for having all there tanks in a row, but they were coming in to defend, but the leader(an actor), Nazi sympathizer, is either ignorant or planned the attack. Does any one remember World War Two? Same happening. Catholic Nazi leader Adolf Hitler exterminated under the guise of a typhus virus epidemic, and now under a corona virus pandemic. The virus disappeared, because they couldn't explain new vaccines for new variants with out testing. To get a vaccine would be a miracle in short time, but 30 miracles in a row? The virus wasn't able to lock you down and control you, so they are starting WW3. How do you think that all this happened so fast? The people of Mariopul left for Catholic Poland(the land of most WW2 exterminations of the Church of Rome's enemies). Once empty, you can see on videos that buildings are being blown up like there is carpet bombing happening, but there is no missile or rocket seen in the sky. NATO invents the idea that Russia has supersonic missiles that go faster than you can see. Why would Russia use such advanced weapons to destroy low value buildings? The explosions were too big for mortar fire and in very close timing, like a controlled demolition. Meanwhile all the Catholics are safe in Poland, accept the civilians who stayed to use the NATO rocket launchers in surprise attack against an unsuspecting Russian column, there to protect Russian people. Military strategists say Russia was stupid and clumsy, how they just casually drove in. That was because they weren't attacking until they were attacked by thousands of handheld missiles. Russian media was blocked in NATO Countries(why?). If you have the truth, there is no reason to run from information. RT(Chinese CGTN also), was one of the Russian sources blocked. There was a world wide confiscation of Russian assets and the banking system halted services in Russia, or with Russia. What nation could put up with all this. Russia had been asking for talks and security guarantees, but Joe said basically (@)U. This is the same as during WW2. God says, that no coward will inherit his Kingdom, and that is what a lot of you are cowards. If you believe in God, then you realize that if you get killed, then God will resurrect you(John5:28,29). Every one on earth has to take a stand. You can not let the Church that rides the Roman Empire of Revelation Apocalypse 17,18, destroy Acts2:44(communism). Most were dead with in 70 days of being picked up for isolation. Revelation says, leave the Revelation18:4 group if they don't want to receive her plagues. (Hello, if you don't want to receive her plagues!)
    ​According to Revelation 18 this group wears scarlet(Catholic Cardinals), and purple(Catholic Bishops). It refers to a city Kingdom (Rome is the only city kingdom in the world), that rules over the Kings of the earth. Where are the Kings? The Roman Empire broke in 2 and from those 2 divisions came 10 Countries. The Pope was the eleventh, but he got rid of 3, and from the 7 he is chosen, and there will be 10 again. 5 Countries on each leg of the Roman Empire. The (cross or X) is on the shields(British flag, same as Roman shield) of the the Empire, and it symbolizes the ten Kingdoms, and the religious beliefs. According to official writings no one may buy or sell or say a greeting to any one who has left the cross. The X or cross originates from the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet the tau, which means a mark, both literal and figurative. In The Bible book of Ezekiel 9, God put a tau(mark) on the people who were crying over the loss of wickedness. The mark was not for salvation. Revelation/Apocalypse 13:18 says you won't be able to buy or sell with out the tau(mark) of the beast(Empire). Knowingly accepting this falsehood gets you condemned. Popes have always had a mitre(triple tiered crown) with 666 on it in Latin (Vicarivs Filli Dei).
    ​Latin letters have a number associated with it, just like Hebrew and Greek. 1John5:19 is getting people to attack the people trying to make you free.(Daniel12:4) *Clear your browser history and cache, and YouTube search and viewing history! Please pray for me and you! Study Revelation/Apocalypse 17,18 deeply, as people are putting their life on the line for you! *There is an unclaimed open offer of 1000 000 dollars to any one who can prove that Rome(Pope) is not the man in the Temple that rides the Roman Empire of Revelation 17,18. In fact, that is why it is called the "Roman"Catholic Church.* Idols on Ste. Peter's Basilica(Rome), show that Rome is a complete fraud (Acts15, Exodus20, Deuteronomy 5). Governments mandate vaccines all over the world, which causes sabotage, boycotts, protests, walk outs and people quittng, so as to destroy businesses. Those trying to Daniel12:4 about 1John5:19. The Pope and the British Royals were found guilty of genocide, by the International Criminal Court, pre corona. Donald J. Trump attacked the International Criminal Court by the US financial system. Revelation/Apocalypse17,18, 1John5:19, 2Corinthians4:4 is waring against God and humanity. Not NWO Daniel 12:4, but 1John5:19 OWO.* Same as the genocide and war of WW2, and plague of 1918? Think! Copy and share this information!(video record, record in audio, text, or ? They are attacking because of information exposing them. **There is two realities playing out.** 1. A corona virus pandemic and a vaccine to stop its spread. 2. Corona means crown(government) and there is a virus(information exposing/attacking the crown/government) and there is a computer/device anti virus(vaccine)(which is supposed to protect from malicious computer code) and this anti virus deletes information from your view.(turn off antivirus software!) Trade your digital vaccine pass for a paper one and they lose control! *Do it! They will go in to a frenzy because of this information.* UK just passing laws to lock people up indefinitely, with no trial, take your kids, force tests, and send to concentration camps. UK has released tender for businesses to contract cadaver services for millions of human corpses. Mass emergency poison purchase in Australia. Hitler killed with odorless rat poison. Revelation/Apocalypse 17,18 ruled the world for 1260 years. Rome was beheading for observing the real Sabbath(not ((Sun)day) "lord's day" lord's day is a clever imposter of the Sabbath.) A Pope struck a coin commemorating chopping off people's heads for observing the Sabbath. Catholic Austrian Royals ruled Germany and the leader of the exterminations was Catholic Austrian Adolf Hitler, and most exterminations were in Catholic Poland, which is now completely militarizing including school children, and German troops are moving near Russia. Revelation/Apocalypse17,18 eats it's children. ××Every one needs a 2.5 micron air quality monitor, so you can see when you are being GASSED!xx (Revelation13:15,18:5,*6*.) G7 nations are removing corona restrictions, to regain it by war powers, or a new bird flu virus.*G(7) of Revelation.* Who will do the will of God? (*Revelation 18:6*) I've been warning for over two years that Rome would start a war with Russia and China to hide genocide. Roman Catholic Joe Biden attacking. Acts2:44,45, Daniel2:44,45, bypassing US government for military equipment distribution. Gog and Magog are in Turkey, not Russia. Rome hates (Acts2:44,45; 4:32-35). Ukraine sinking their own ships and blowing up their own bridges. NATO has M.O.B. on flag, and goal is war on Acts2:44. Pompeo says Rome planned Ukraine war for 2017. Britian's Boris "plan A", war. Roman Christian militias killing in Ukraine. The Pope is the man of sin in the(false)temple with 666, and exterminating for generations, yet the *US although it has the largest military, is naked and prostrated gratifying her Papal master, while UK readies her turn. The world was counting on you. Most cowardly in all history. America are you in agreement with Joe Biden using you to fight Rome's wars? Ukraine war was started from Poland?(Italian air force was there) Who will obey God's Revelation18:4-8? I am not Russian. Fact finding mission finds Russia not guilty of genocide. Ukraine forces shooting or torturing those with out blue arm band. The Geneva convention, comes from the heart of Rome, and red cross are part of their deception. Joint forces operation in Ukraine is Rome(there since 2014). Free media deleting this. *Ukrainian Nazis killing those with out blue arm bands.* Rome attacking Pakistan, El Salvador? :?((

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