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  1. 1. America attacks North Korea's military parade.

    2. Rome nukes New York City and it's blamed on Russia and China. America declares war on Russia and China.

    3. Russia and China nukes all of America's airbases(there's about one in every city) and sinks half their naval fleet.

    4. Iran pushes west.

    5. Rome nukes London and Paris.

    6. Iran pushes north and south.

    7. Rome nukes Moscow and Beijing.

    8. Iran pushes at Rome.

    9. Rome nukes Iran.

    10. Israel pushes at Rome and prevails.

    11. Pope Francis gets sympathy from the nations of the north and causes them to surround and destroy Jerusalem.

    12. God destroys all the statues in Rome.

    13. The nations of the north surround and destroy Rome while at the same time God destroy's Rome with fire and brimstone from heaven; and Pope Francis falls with it.

    14. The beast and false prophet rise to power and issue the mark of the beast.

    15. God destroys all grass(herbs and vegetables) and fruit bearing trees, cows and chickens quickly become extinct. So there's no food except for fish and swine.

    16. A third of the sea turns to blood.

    17. A third of the fountains of fresh water go bitter.

    18. A third of the day is shortened. (24 hours to 16 hours)

    19. All the oceans turns to blood.

    20. All the rivers and lakes turn to blood.

    21. The sun gets extremely hot(7 times normal).

    22. The sun goes out, and the moon turns to blood.

    23. Saints are executed.

    24. The great earthquake.

    25. Remnant's executed.

    26. The rest of the people left(which are those who has taken the mark of the beast) gather for Armageddon.

    27. Christ resurrects his people and returns to Armageddon to destroy whoever's left.

    28. Christ reigns on earth for a thousand years with his people(saints and remnant).

    29. After the thousand years are up, the dead is brought back to life and judged.

    30. The new city Holy Jerusalem(which has a transparent clear gold foundation) comes down from heaven and sits right on top of the lake of fire(which is actually a furnace). The saints move to Jerusalem and the remnant become kings and inherit the earth.


  2. YouTube your making yourselves look like jackasses. Other people's thoughts and opinions matter. Stop trying to ruin our country. We are the land of the free. So I am freely choosing to remove you entirely from our household and go to the more freethinking outlets.

  3. Free to buy our own satellites , why rely on leftists and their one world order tyrannical rule… get our Constitutional amendments back, Buy Back Brandon !

  4. “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” grr martin

  5. Unfreaking believable. If they wanted us to believe that there wasn’t a conspiracy they should have left it alone. Now all the scuttle butt you hear on the streets proves it’s happening!!

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