1. Of course she won't talk about her defunding the police and the rising crime she's such a f**** coward

  2. Again the vaccine doesn't work I knew it wouldn't there's a deep dark Sinister reason why are evil government and the Democratic party and big tag and billionaires want everybody in the world dad this vaccine it's dangerous and we don't know what it is yet but in time we will find out

  3. Imagine your standards has dropped so low that you believe beetlejuice is a good leader…

  4. Bullet-proof masks, I presume? Speaking of science and statistics, YTD shootings are at a record high this year, but Larry Lightfoot says there is a "downward trend" in violent crime. 😂

  5. She needs a mask. Hey your leader was at lallypoloza without a mask. Do fall for this fear tactics. They are playing. With your minds.

  6. Is that Billy Dukes… man I love that line… Long tall Sally, she's built sweet, she got everything that Uncle John need… Oh, baby. Baby…. I'm… gonna have me some fun tonight…. I'm gonna have me some fun tonight.

  7. Not very business friendly ! Should be able to turn all those tall buildings downtown into LOW INCOME housing

  8. here we go, punish those who got the vax because of those who didn't. it makes no sense, quit pandering and power grabbing. enough.

  9. Defund lightfoot. I will not wear a mask again. Not now, not ever. I will not receive a bullshit vaccine for a bullshit virus. Not now, not ever. I am an American and that is my right. I will not relinquish my rights to those who bitch, moan and cry. My life is my life. You should concentrate on yours.

  10. All thanks to shootlapalooza!!” Mayor burnt marshmallow idiotfoots for giving a green light on that festival?

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