Latest Chicago Bulls News! Bulls SIGN 2 Players! Ayo EXCITED & Extend Qualifying Offer To Lauri!

Latest Chicago Bulls News! Bulls SIGN 2 Players! Ayo EXCITED & Extend Qualifying Offer To Lauri!
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Chicago Bulls 2021-2022 Roster –
Coby White, Tomas Satoransky, Ryan Arcidiacono, Devon Dotson, Zach LaVine, Garrett Temple, Troy Brown Jr, Adam Mokoka, Patrick Williams, Al Farouq Aminu, Denzel Valentine, Lauri Markkanen, Thaddeus Young, Daniel Theis, Nikola Vucevic, Cristiano Felicio, Marko Simonovic
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  1. Justin Fields says that he was born for this, The same can be said to Ayo. The Windy City is back on schedule. Business is about to pick up in Chi-Town.

  2. King is a moron. Can't stand him announcing the games because he's a broken record. Acting like he's the dang coach of the team. Shocked he didn't get canned for circling breasts on live TV. He's a bum!
    Always do much hype around bulls draft picks and how many really turn out to be something? I always root for ones that have potential but most of our picks just move on. It's going to be another rough year for the bulls.

  3. Ayo actually reminds me of De’Aron Fox and has the potential to be that level of a player for the Bulls..
    Baxter reminds me of Derrick jones jr from Athleticism, off ball blocks, better shooter has potential to be more involved offensively than Derrick Jones jr for the Bulls..
    Ethan Thompson actually reminds me of Jrue Holiday offensively.. he’s a capable defender not as good a Jrue and could possibly develop into a solid 2-way bench rotation player in 2-3 years time..
    haven’t watched any live games of these guys so my comparisons are based solely on Highlights.. if they all pan out it could only be good for the Bulls future!!

  4. Like the pick and click with patrick williams going forward troy brown in the mix)should be a stronger and better team on both ends my friends.

  5. If we could get Rose, Lonzo, resign Theis and add a quality backup center (I wish Gafford)…. Im good with the rest of the team as is.

  6. I don’t think we need d rose and lonzo I think rose coming back would be cool but I’m the long run lonzo is the better option, and we also would have ayo too we don’t need 3 guards

  7. If laurie and Daniel both leave who’s going to replace him plz don’t tell me the rookie from over seas

  8. Ayo will be perfect for this team. He can defend the perimeter with strength & length. He’s great at PNR & his pace with the Ball is exceptional 👌🏾🔥

  9. Although, Lauri most likely will not accept the 1 yr offer by the Bulls, I would sure like it if he does.

  10. I can't believe for around the same money you can get demar and make a legit big 3, the bulls is seriously thinking of giving it to ball,don't expect no championships not even a eastern conference title if they silly enough to waste that money like that,they will end up wasting zach and vuc years here without even coming close to a title.

  11. I was praying for us to get this Guy on the Bulls the end of Last year. and GOD 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 answered my Prayers 🙏🏼 . P. S Love the show Man please keep it up 🎬

  12. Bro I like your vids…most question, but bro come on now? You say he struggles from the 3? But the kid shot 39% from the clip….bro, it's guys in the NBA that's season veterans that don't shoot that well. I believe Rose shot the same last season if not, maybe 41% 🤔 ,but 39% is not that bad in the NBA

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