Latest Chicago Bulls News! BIG Injury Updates! Insider Expects 1st RD Exit & Could Zach Leave?

Latest Chicago Bulls News! BIG Injury Updates! Insider Expects 1st RD Exit & Could Zach Leave?
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Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso, Coby White, Ayo Dosunmu, Zach LaVine, Javonte Green, Demar DeRozan, Troy Brown Jr, Derrick Jones Jr, Patrick Williams, Nikola Vucevic, Tristan Thompson, Marko Simonovic, Tony Bradley
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  1. Thoughts on these updates & topics?

    Thanks to Manscaped for sponsoring today’s video. Get 20% Off + Free International Shipping + 2 Free gifts with my code “INSIDEBULLS” at

  2. I don’t think the team should get rid of Vooch but If he does stay on the team. He’s destined to become the Back up Center to a Younger Coming of Age Center.

  3. Zach Lavine is a good player, but not a max contract player. When you are on a team and only a few other players are shooting the ball at a volume he is, the stats are going to look better. I'm sorry to say but he is just not a winning basketball player. The Bulls should try and do a sign and trade with another or let him walk in free agency to get him off the books. If Pat Williams has such a major upside the bulls should focus on putting players around him not taking bads shots at bad times and helping him grow.

  4. It time for The Bulls need to trade for Deandre Ayton Nikola Jokic
    Luka Doncic Diamian Lillard Kevin Durant Anthony Davis trade to Chicago Bulls now this summer offseason 2022-2023
    Are the Bulls looking for 7 8 9 10 11 championship
    The Bulls need 72w-10L next years
    The Bulls win 6 time world championship with Phil Jackson Michael Jordan

  5. It’s tough fr the season as a whole is a success but now we’re seeing firsthand glaring weakness, specifically what was said originally size n defense. There will be decisions in the offseason and as much as ima diehard Lavine fan, it’s hard to see that pairing win a title. They are great individually I just don’t think they’ll ever be able to defend a East that’s the best it’s been since the 90s and ascending

  6. Three team trade : Lakers get Vuc Caruso Derrick Jones Hornets get Coby White Gervontae Green Bulls get AD Montreze Harrel

  7. I prefer the bucks man, thats some playoff experience early matching up with the champs. But yeah, dont talk like its over.

  8. Doesn't matter who we play in the playoffs, 1st round exit is their destiny this season.
    Honestly, can't they just remove themselves from the playoffs and give their spot to the Hornets or Hawks…?
    Why even put Chicago through an embarrassing 1st round exit and rob NBA fans of a great tournament…?
    Just forfeit the playoffs and let a team that actually wants to win, into the tournament instead.

  9. Sign Zach to a max, trade vuc ass.. I’m done seeing him play he never shows up in competition, or get a big to help him out

  10. I would trade Zach for Anthony Davis if LA interested in sign and trade, they both injury prone lol. Zach from the west coast, AD from Chi-town.

  11. If the bulls don't give him what he's really worth. I'm finish with them. I will never look at a bull's game again. Or the NBA for that matter.

  12. They should bring up that 6' 11" guy from the G league and see what he could do in the last 5 games. It wouldn't hurt. You never know.

  13. Lavine is not a #1 on a championship team. Watching him this year, injury or not, he doesn't play winning basketball. In the 4th with him its all ISO ball, he makes the worst decisions in the 4th quarters.

  14. It would be awesome if Patrick Williams went nuts and took us back a Championship! I love My Bulls. Incredible Squad, only getting better!

  15. If Dallas offers Zach a max deal, then he should sign with the Mavs. The Bulls can sign Miles Bridges and Bobby Portis in free agency for that cost.

  16. Bro no matter who play we're out the first round! Plain and simple! If make it out the first round I'd be shocked! Lol… Hopefully we make some off season moves to improve our front court and see what happens as far as Zach goes because honestly I don't think he's worth a a full contract especially with whatever is going on with his knee we probably overpaid Lonzo he's never played a full season since he was drafted that money could've been spent on a big or some front court pieces! But I'm just a fan so what do know! Lol

  17. I overall see Zach Lavine having a bad playoff experience and I overall think his stats gonna reflect whether if they keep Zach or let Zach go or sign and trade him

  18. Zach is not a player that’s worth a max on a contending team he’s not the player who makes a team better he dosent get into no one’s head, making them better.

  19. Honestly, Zach does not deserve max contract. Nobody from the team deserves it. They must first show us what they are capable of in the post season. I would give this team another chance in the next season because I want to see what this fully healthy team can do.

  20. I can’t stand these comments, walking bucket…walking double double. These are players who throw the ball away, give up many easy baskets. Let’s stop the nonsense and MVP talk that destroys your team and encourage 1 on 5 play. If you get past Jr High and High School you should have a different game going on for yourself!

  21. No max. He shoots for low percentage results. Not disciplined. Can’t reinvent the game. He’s creating a pose for the cameras. If he’s serious with all that tallent he would keep his feet together. Go up straight and square. He knows that! He stands around on defense. He knows that also. Sign and trade if they can. Sorry!

  22. Zack is not the issue we need bigs also vooch needs to be held accountable if he's not hit those shots from 5 and six feet away he's not helping. If vooch is hitting those shots consistently its hard for teams to double Demar or Zack. If we think demar is going to play like he is playing now at 32yrs for 2 more years good luck with that. Also kobie white is also killing us with his inconsistencies shooting. I love Ayo but he's being a little over rated there are times u can see he's a rookie. We got to stop looking for one person to blame its a collective effort. Also coach adjustments can be better

  23. Honestly im not confident that they could pass the 1st rd the way they play lately,seems they are competetive before the allstar game.

  24. Well yeah, if it's Milwaukee Round 1 we are pry getting swept. We had to win that game last night and we didn't. Now we gotta worry about being a 7 seed in a play in game. Pry will be #6. 5 is possible still but less likely. Anyone but Milwaukee and we got a chance.

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