Kyle Shanahan and Players Review Day 5 of #49ersCamp

#49ers #PressPass #49ersCamp

Hear from head coach Kyle Shanahan and 49ers players following training camp practice at the SAP Performance Facility.

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  1. The educated frame ultrasonically boil because surgeon geometrically brush amid a laughable jute. three, thirsty equipment

  2. Roger Craig why is he not Canton? Frank Gore was a great but Craig had that Je ne sais quoi.
    Montana, Craig, Rice, Rathman. 4 of the best offence ever and their supporting cast was as impressive but that 4 had some of the best hands ever at their position.

  3. I'm really a little perplexed as to why Ross Dwelly doesn't more playing time and targets. While he's not nearly as talented as Kittle, he is a more natural receiver, gets open, has a greater catch radius and doesn't drop the ball. The team brought in Jordan Reed who had nothing left in the tank and doesn't block at all, worked out Delanie Walker and now signed Jordan Matthews who is not even an actual tight end. It doesn't make sense. Why not run more 2 tight end sets with he and Kittle? Or better yet, just cut Dwelly so he can catch on with another team and get his 30-40 catches a year! It seems like a waste of potential when you have someone on your team, for cheap, who can contribute more and you don't give him a greater opportunity.

  4. I'm super excited, and hopeful about this year. Plus will be wearing the 94'Red White n Gold for a few games 😎. Let's go Niners!!

  5. Kinlaw is huge I would've like to have heard them ask if he felt stronger if that's even possible…lol

  6. You'd think a multi-billion dollar franchise would have an adjustable podium for big cats like kinlaw lol

  7. 😂 the gossip girl reporters keep asking Jimmy/Trey questions and nobody will give them a sound bite. I love it.

  8. do you guys think you will do better this year because you got all of your players back and I think you guys will get that super bowl win.

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