Kris Bryant Reacts to Being Traded to San Francisco Giants & Reflects on Chicago Cubs Career

Watch as Kris Bryant Reacts to Being Traded to San Francisco Giants & Reflects on Chicago Cubs Career

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  1. Giants fan for life here. I am very sorry about your loss Cubs fans, I hope your rebuild is fruitful. Thank you so much for Bryant, you turned him into a heck of a player. I will never forget 2016 Giants Cubs playoff series. That comeback in the clinching game was so heartbreaking, until that inning I was sure we would go on another even year run. <3 nothing but love from Sacramento.

  2. In baseball, there is always potential with any team. I know that the fans will always remember there favorite player, but keep in mind, a better opportunity 😉 is always in the cards for any Professional league. We, as Giants, always miss our Giants players when they depart, but there's no other place in the world that can replace the memories of our favorite players. Welcome @krisbryant We are proud 👏 that you're a favorite part of our San Francisco Giants fan base. ❤ 💙

  3. Of Kris's ten postseason series to date, his statistical best by far was the 2016 NLDS the Cubs won against San Francisco to break the Giants' even-year spell of the '10s. In those four games, he hit .375 with an OPS of 1.099, compared to his overall postseason numbers of .229 and .705. In Game 3 at SF, started by postseason great MadBum, he had three hits. So it's good to have him on this side. He likes Oracle in October.

  4. Giants fans you guys all owe Jackoff Hoyer and the cheap ass Ricketts family a big thank you for gifting you this guy! he’s one of the good ones! Lock him up after you win the 2021 WS!

  5. Congrats to KB on your first Giants home run,but my little Cubbie heart was ripped in two when you got traded!! You're my favorite Cub player,and it just doesn't seem right not to see you in cubbie blue!!! Hope we get you back next year!!! You're such a great player (rookie of the year,MVP) and such a terrific guy. Some sports writer said you're the kind of son every guy would like to have. It was great to watch you grow from the beginning of your Cubs career. Can't wait to see you in Sept. I've got a ticket for Friday's game in the visitors' section. I'll be cheering loud and proud!!! So,now help the Giants win the World Series and get another ring,and hopefully Cub Nation will welcome you back with open arms in 2022!!(And maybe the other half of Bryzzo,too???!!!) I can dream,can't I???!!! All the best to you,your wife and that lil' cutie!!! Miss you sooooo much!!! Keep on smiling that special fun,and remember to just go out there and have fun!!!!–your #1 fan,Janet

  6. Kris is born and raised in Vegas so I would think he is more comfortable out west vs out east. Being cozy with the city already is SO important not to mention the Giants are playing great this year. Such a CLASSY young man 😉 I have a feeling he will be in SF for years to come.

  7. Cubs fan here. I can totally see Kris signing a 2 year deal with SF. Notice how much he said he loved being close to home in Vegas. If he doesn’t sign with the Giants, it’s going to be an AL or NL West team on a short term deal to redeem himself and show he’s worth a Mega Contract. His numbers show he’s in the decline.

  8. Man this the guy I have been praying and telling everyone we needed to get! And we freaking got him! He is the perfect fit for this team! He is a great guy in the clubhouse! Giants fans we all should be absolutely thrilled we got this future hall of fame! He can play just about anywhere in the field and has a bunch of big game/post season experience! Huge pick up for us! I'm almost sure he resigns with us!

  9. Cubs fan for 50+ years. I'm happy for Kris, Rizzo, Baez, Kimbrel, Shwarber, Darvish, Lester, and Castellonos too. Taking a while to check the Cubs box score now, my team is now on multiple rosters. Theo got out right, and I'm disgusted with the organizational penny pinching. Go Giants, Yankees, Red Sox, White Sox, Mets, Padres too. I know one thing, not paying major league ticket prices for essential a minor league ball club.

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