Kris Bryant Arrives in San Francisco | Home Run vs Astros in 1st Giants Game

It was a debut to remember for the Giants and Kris Bryant. The 2021 All-Star homered against the Astros in his first game in the orange and black.

It sounds like Kris is excited to be here, and so are we!

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  1. This guy has been my favorite player and will always be my favorite player. I am so happy to see him with a team he likes and will help bring home a championship!! Never thought I would be saying this but he looks really good in orange and black…

  2. Lifelong Cubbies fanatic here. We're crushed over our losses, but happy to see them succeed.

    It truly warms my heart to see the welcome he received in the Bay! Take good care of our boy!

  3. ok giants producers im sorry im late but i think we are going to need a catchin' up with kris bryant video coming soon 🙂 or a micd up video

  4. It’s that same feeling I got when we acquired the great Hunter Pence. This was such an awesome move by the Giants.

  5. I made sure to clear my schedule so i could watch this game. I screamed so loud when Kris launched one. Welcome to the Bay <3

  6. I'm rooting for a Giants vs Yankees world series, with a Giants win. Even though the crowd in SF was heckling the Cubs last time they were there, i'm still rooting for you's. Limited capacity games sure made it easy to pick up crowd noise. Stay classy San Francisco.

  7. Happy to have him! Y’know, San Francisco is in the running for best sports town out there. Regions discount us for this or that, but I believe it’s the best place to be. Time can only make that more true. Suck it, New York!😁

  8. He looks so natural in a Giants jersey. I think its cause the team has 100 white guys with scruff lol. Him and dugger kinda look a like too

  9. This is far the best mid season trade the Giants have ever made, period! Especially from a talent perspective, guys a beast. I had no idea he is 6'5. Beaste mode

  10. Rizz, KB and Javy do look strange not wearing blue! Love these guys and miss them SO MUCH. I haven't watched a CUBS game from start to finish since they were traded. I was flipping the TV from Yankees to CUBS to NY Mets. Then the Giants game came on 3 hrs later and I was able to watch all of it. So happy for Kris, Rizz and Javy and their first game home runs! It's bittersweet for us CUBS fans. I find comfort in knowing they're happy.

  11. Kris gave me and all Cubs fans nothing but joy for a long time. I hope he continues to give SF lots of joy too

  12. Kris Bryant will be the best mid-season trade acqusition the Giants since Hunter Pence!

  13. We are so glad you are here Kris. I would wish you luck, but based on your first game it looks like you aren't going to need it friend.

  14. I wish he was still at the Cubs but life happens my one and only wish is if his number could by his original 17

  15. I was at the game and congratulations Kris Bryant on your first home run ever in the Giants!!!! 🧡🖤🧡🖤

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