Kendrick Perkins loves the Chicago Bulls getting Lonzo Ball on a 4-year, $85M deal | The Jump

Reacting to Lonzo Ball agreeing to a sign and trade from the New Orleans Pelicans to the Chicago Bulls on a 4-year, $85M deal.

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  1. Props to Lavar for setting the standard that Raising pro athletes is the best move. If you do it right and find a partner you can retire a millionaire and kick back and chill with ur wife and live life.

  2. Y'all was calling Lonzo Ball a few years ago. Now all of sudden it's a good pickup. The way how is he playing now is what y'all expected his rookie season. 😂😂😂 Everybody love Lonzo now???

  3. Yo who cares what these bums think about basketball. Get some real players in here. I clicked this video thinking there were going to be some valid opinions.

  4. For all you Ball family fanatics, I called it long ago. Lonzo going to the highest bidder, forgoing a chance to team up with Melo. Huh, money is thicker than blood I guess. At least in this scenario. Shh, gotta get the cheddar first. Ya’ll saying it was going to happen, all the Ball brothers on the Hornets, bringing a dynasty, hahaha. I knew all along he was going to the highest bidder, but don’t know how three guards on the court at the same time is gonna work? They may just trade one of them, maybe Zo? I see Zo back to where is was projected, a pure point guard, running the offense, feeding the rock to DeRozan, or Lavine?

  5. I haven't even thought of lonzo ball playing for my second team to put up with lavar ball over a 2yr improvement from his lakers days. The kid is young so he can improve better shooting and rebound,assists need to go up . Now y'all nothing is this can he fit a system cuz not everybody can fit with comparative can fit within a system and everybody can't take with the new coach put down Nevis y'all know what I'm saying on her I know his numbers went up to 22 points to game I think it was and he averaged sweat a rebounds and eight assists that's pretty good over 2 years AT&T finish Chicago system in Caney put down with the Colts going to take some time when he make a mistake. And can you get to the playoffs y'all I give him about another position at 2 and then they ready

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