Kanye "Ye" West SPOTTED at Daughter Chicago's Birthday Party | E! News

Kanye West attends his daughter Chicago West’s fourth birthday party after a little bit of drama. Watch for more details on how it all unfolded!

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Kanye “Ye” West SPOTTED at Daughter Chicago’s Birthday Party | E! News


  1. I didn’t even knew there was a rapper Kanye West how Kanye West got famous when he got involved with Kim Kardashian then I came to know there’s a rapper named Kanye West but before than that I didn’t you who Kanye West was for me it didn’t existed And all this time I see him with different girls but you know everybody has a feeling and everybody wants to be loved and if Kim is choosing someone then he should respectfully leave that person alone because when he’s taking pictures with those lady Kim is not getting aggressive she’s just minding her own business

  2. I wonder if the security stopping him is just how security normally operates I remember when they wouldn’t let kris in. I feel like Kim wouldn’t tell kanye he couldn’t come to their child’s party. But then again I don’t know them lol

  3. Why the father wasn’t invited? There both seeing other people and it shouldn’t be a reflection of their child’s special day!! End of the day he’s Chicago’s father. Now if there was a restraining order in place that’s COMPLETELY different.

  4. Why was it considered a drama. She is his child. It was her birthday. I am sure, she was happy, to see her Dad, which is the object of her party. The Saturday nifht guy, is the intrud3r. You should have been shocked to see him. He knew West West going to be there. Why did he attend? TO cause Drama!

  5. Kayne loves his family but Travis should have gave Kim a heads up before telling Ye the address without permission, he was looking out for his self since he is toast. Kim was never in any if the pictures at the party that means she either left or went in side to avoid Ye since he barged his way into the party where Kim probably would have invited him if he was not acting unhinged…that's not good for the kids!

  6. Divorce and separation is tough. Sometimes it means it's not in the best interest of the kids to have parents together for every occasion. If Kanye has shared custody, he still has an opportunity to celebrate his daughters birthday in a less hostile situation. I don't think having a kid should entitle parent to barge in on the other parent's time or space. I hope they can get this resolved and clarified in court soon. It sounds very stressful. They have a lot of birthdays and occasions to get through and it's not good to show up uninvited under the circumstances. I understand it's his kid and Kim has never tried to keep them apart. She has always stated he was a good father to the kids. Kanye opted to live away from Kim for years within the marriage to the point the marriage withered away. One of the casualties of divorce is kids get separate times with parents. Kim would probably gladly invite him if things were going differently.. Divorce is hard Kanye, get help coping with it. I am a Kanye fan but it doesn't seem Kim feels it's good to combine parental time during this stage of the separation. You are a wonderful father Kanye, that's not the point here.. Maybe if things relax between you in a few tears, you can agree to share some occasions. I just don't see showing up invited angry at many of the people in attendance is healthy in the long run for anyone, including the kids.

  7. Dr.West needs to have a strong woman like Cardi B. I believe Amber Rose is the right match. She always wants what best for you. Stop entertaining user, thieves,liars,killers,domestic violence,crooks,you are not Jesus.

  8. I mean, I don’t know why people are so triggered with Ye not being invited at first. Kim and him aren’t together anymore and may have a civil co parenting relationship, but doesn’t mean kim HAS to invite him. He could of thrown his own party and thats that. He obviously wasn’t invited for a reason at first, so why go public and try to make yourself as the victim in this situation 🙄
    He for sure likes to play with peoples heads, I can see through all this.

  9. I’ve never heard Chicago say a word or even make a sound, if I’m going to be honest. I’ve watched every single episode of KUWTK (it’s my one vice, what can I say!) & she never appears, running & laughing like her other cousins Stormi & True. I’m wondering if something’s going on with Chicago & Kim & Kanye want to keep it quiet. That most definitely would be their right, but if there were some issue with their daughter they both have these amazing platforms to use to bring awareness to whatever it is.

  10. Had he not made the situation public, he wouldn't av been sent any address or invited to the location. Then we would've assumed he was tripping when he went on another rant. Hmmm. Smh.

  11. Enews, did Kim pay you guys To say Kim and ye are letting bygones be bygones. U guys should be objective in your reportings n behave like the professionals that you aren't. Even if you guys are on the Kardashians payroll say things as it is… saying there was a double party is a lie.

  12. Haven’t watch the video because it’s probably wasted , but why would this even be a topic or on the news when Chi is literally Kanye’s daughter despite the divorced with his ex-wife, and of course he is gonna attended his own daughter bday simple is that🤷‍♀️

  13. Kayne is crazy,he threatens her boyfriend,he says mean jabs all the time about Kim. He left that family and made Kim file for divorce…. Why couldn't he be a good dad and throw his own party for their daughter. He's trying to twist everything on Kim and it's not right. He causes drama but wants everyone to cater to him and what he wants. I feel bad for Kim and the kids dealing with a ticking time bomb, he's so chaotic and stressed. They probably just wanted a peaceful party n no drama at the kids party. Him even crying on camera and being childish just because they didn't want his drama there. Is uncalled for. It's not hard if he wanted to do something for his kid too🙄

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