JUST IN: Cuomo Speaks Out After New York AG Report Finds He Sexually Harassed ‘Multiple Women’

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) speaks out after New York State Attorney General Letitia James on Tuesday announced the findings of a highly-anticipated, five-month investigation into Andrew Cuomo which she said found the Democratic governor guilty of sexually harassing “multiple women,” including employees in his office, in violation of state and federal law.


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  1. It’s disappointing how many people in these comments seem to think they know the truth and are so negative. It’s great to see a leader speak openly about his side and I encourage people to not just listen but really think. I think he is very admirable for doing so

  2. That’s not a very compelling speech. He’s reading every word so he’s obviously not really sincere. He should be removed from from office.

  3. I am not impressed with the argument he is making in his defense and much less with his demeanor considering that his norm has always shown arrogance and defiance with a behavioral record of a bully. No, not impressed at all….his brother failed to write a believable narrative.

  4. All leaders is not humans devil minions fallen angels , demons never fooled me trumps wasnt was them too not human )

  5. My opinion, Cuomo did something along the line that pissed off the dem establishment and he was put in his place. Hence, no criminal charges. Just public humiliation and letting the chips fall where they may.

  6. And yet we had a molester/rapist/pedophile as a 'president' last time. And he was allowed to stay in office.

  7. After hearing his deceitful testimony, like he did with his killing elderly people with covid, I have
    determined that he is guilty of whatever the young women accuse him of and he should resign.

  8. This guy is a liar and a criminal. He shouldn’t be resigning. He should be going to jail. No…..He should already be in jail.

  9. Goes to show the politicians are scumbaggs no matter what the people want they still never get it…the people's vote doesn't count to the establishment

  10. the democratic strategy is to accuse cuomo of sexual harassing instead of placing people with covid-19 in nursing homes because there's not evidence to convict him of this charges.

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