Jesse Watters: Why on Earth are we doing this?

Jesse Watters blasts the Biden administration for funding both sides of the Russia-Ukraine war. #FoxNews #Watters

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  1. This is not about the US or some demented president and the actions of his administration.
    A megalomaniac dictator invaded unprovoked an Sovereign country. When a NATO country gets involved its game on.
    The US will get involved and that means boots on the ground.
    He invaded, we got to deal with it. The stance of the US will be that we wait till Pearl Harbor gets attacked ??
    NATO was erected for a purpose, this is it. A war in Europe caused by the Russians.
    Putin won't stop at Ukraine. He didn't after The Krim, the invasion of 2014 and he won't stop now.

  2. Putin says I will use nuclear weapon if you help Ukraine, and THE COWARDS said go slay all the Ukranians we will not help Ukraine, remember these cowards in the future

  3. Wait a minute. You mean the narcissistic selfies and hash tags from self proclaimed “influencers” isn’t stopping the war? 😅😂

  4. Russia doesn't have a central bank. That's why they want to crush Russia just like Iran, Iraq, libia, Syria Etc. Etc. they will never stop taking out free or sovereign countrys to bring in the NWO.

  5. If I recall correctly Poland gave the finger to giving planes to Ukraine, they said Are you going to Ukraine ( meaning the US )if so then we will use our airforce against them. Otherwise NO, kindly F off.

  6. B I D E N is an complete IDIOT – also a LIAR, PLAGIARIST and big time CROOK. Hunter's laptop is the proof.

  7. Shokin is in hiding, and they need to find him, because he has the goods that will take Biden down. It's very similar to the pretext to take out Saddam.

  8. We’re tired of this idiot administration!!! No one with a sound state of mind voted for them! No one! It’s the insane asylum that voted this freak show into office.

  9. I cant take it anymore this phony leadership and this guy and his entire crew of idiots I cant take it anymore!!

  10. People can't anger the russians, god will anger them to our disadvantage because many refuse to come to truth, Jesus is the way, the truth, and our life!

  11. Nuclear powers do as they please, we just wait and see what happens least someone fires one and the end is closer! This is the plage of all that reject Jesus Christ.

  12. Putin is likely to throw a nuke in the future anyway … Biden is the last person I want representing America at this time… he is weak … he is an idiot.. he has botched everything he has touched just ask the Americans and allies he left in Afghanistan .. oh .. you can't ..they're dead

  13. Those that dont care that Ive heard from, say straight up, they dont care about a bunch of white people killing each other . Then they start comparing Africa to Ukraine, our media has no clue what real Americans think. Humans have always done this, strength is the only thing that provides calm in this world. Only America and a strong one gave that to the world for a short time, think that ships sailed.

  14. I can't believe anyone with one ounce, listen to anything, Fox News and host say. It ashamed before that they are still on air. How is this. The spreading of lies hate and division. God got a special place for for new and host ,it call hell

  15. Off the record, what's your plan JDOUCHE? Seriously, give us a plan that will yield a better result. Remember, you and only you can construct the plan. No help from your cronies. I'll make it easy. You can't do it. You are just another moronic talking head on FAUX.

  16. Ukraine joining nato is like Canada being best friends with China it’s obviously gonna make the us rethink about our fellow Canadians and think we will be backed into a corner. Putin is doing what he think is best for the safety of his country. This is our fault for allowing this too happen. We need too kick Ukraine from nato or ask Russia too join nato even tho Russia has already asked too join nato and we denied them multiple times because of their “corruption”.

  17. 3 more years of these fools? God bless U.S.A. The people that vote Democrat do not realize that most of their representatives are being influenced by the swamp rats which are mostly communist. They say crap like 2 Republicans voted against bbb, but in reality 50 + democrats voted for this disaster and of course the media backs them. FJB

  18. Blinking and biden really handled Afghanistan well didn’t they?….these bastards are going to get us into a war

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