Jamaica News Today July 31 2021/JBNN

Jamaica News Today July 31 2021/JBNN

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  1. A soh wi dweet…Jamaica to the world (Usain come show dem the sign deh )😄😄😄😄 congratulations…Continued Blessings nuff love stay safe everyone…JAMAICA JAMAICA JAMAICA LAND WE LOVE…❤

  2. So proud of our "Team Jamaica"❤🇯🇲❤
    Hi my gorgeous Michelle🥰 blessed sunday to you & all at Jbnn🥰🌻💥

  3. The truth is that 98% of our taxi drivers are convicted criminals who have nothing else to do but to get a vehicle and run taxi.

  4. I am really that she able to fight him off. Imagine the scar that would have left. Proud of you girl, try to be careful next time okay

  5. Ole foot bobsy cry Fe Jamaica yeah rite ah peoples she wah Fe se an hear har bobsy ah one big devil ah jamaica, bout cry Fe Jamaica

  6. That taxi driver must be found and dealt with immediately before he strikes again. Some of these men should be castrated as example so that those waiting to attack will think twice before doing so.

  7. Strange some people tried to turn this amazing victory by our ladies into a rivalry. We should be proud of our nation at this time, not many countries achieve a sweep at the Olympics.

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