Inside One of New York’s Deadliest Zip Codes | Coronavirus News

The first coronavirus patient arrived at St. John’s hospital in Far Rockaway in March. During the peak, the morgue was averaging 17 to 18 bodies a day. Now, there is an uneasy lull and the staff fears a second wave will come.

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  1. Hey there! I'm the cinematographer and editor of this video. Many of you pointed out that Siobhan's badge was different. I understand the confusion, thank you for raising it. Siobhan told us she forgot her badge at home that day. She borrowed a colleague's badge until she went home in the afternoon to grab hers. I hope this clarifies, and thanks for watching the video.

  2. Please command whichever ivy League school just hired the De Blase…. Call the woman who stood outside the mayor's office screaming why her mother had not been buried after 3 days… Of course against New York City code to leave a dead body on the sidewalk… Most unsanitary well done Harvard

  3. Living through this experience and recovering makes you think how bless you are because many never survived. God bless us all and be with us. My deepest sympathy and condolences.

  4. God have mercy of us ! Thank u for letting me survive and make it back to my son, husband, family, friends and love ones ! You operated a miracle my lungs full of covid pneumonia 4 days of treatments and getting worst but suddenly He listen to all our prayers and here I am only because of his Mercy

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  6. I lost my favourite uncle in ICU he was there 39 days and passed away . His oxygen for the last week was under 90% to 80 after 70 and fell down to 60 and died … He was only 48 years old

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  8. Alle die sich nicht an die Regeln halten tragen dazu bei das die Pflege vor die Hunde geht, ich verstehe jeden der diesen Beruf verlässt unter diesen Bedingungen. Wir hatten schon vor corona viel zu wenig Personal aber jetzt fast 2 Jahre später merken wir und merke ich auch in meinem Haus das. Viele ihre Arbeitszeiten reduzieren oder den Beruf verlassen unter dem Eindruck das sie in diesem System. Kaputt gehen

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