How To Deliver Bad News | Chicago Med

It’s never easy to deliver bad news, and the doctors at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center never know what to expect.

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  1. No one:

    Not even Chicago pd:

    Chicago Med: I need a M9192vdhs2 and a Dgdjei813f and maybe a 5263IWORJJEI2 STAT
    This is a joke btw no hate

  2. My uncle does the same job as Dr Charles and Dr Reese and has to deliver the bad news. But he is a bit of a sociopath. Not the weird type, the good type Which means he doesn't feel much emotion and can control them very easily so he has no difficulty delivering the news, even the worst ones. And actually it is a massive support for the parents and family of the patients, because he looks so stabe and solid, plus he is a big dude who could have easily been a pro wrestler so he has this aura of safety and security, so when he puts his hands on yours or on your shoulder, you feel immediately less stressed.
    I am a veterinarian and i am 10 times worse than Dr Reese. If i have to tell the owner of my patient that the patient is going to die, we end up both crying our eyes out, and also i can never make them pay.
    To this day i can never understand how vets or docs can make the owners or the family of the patients who die, pay for the hospital bills. For me it is unthinkable. If i can't treat the patient, then the owner doesn't owe me anything.

  3. I remember the first time I gave my first medical report with death to some parents, I spent a week vomiting and having nightmares!…

  4. This is so sad, knowing that you have to bring bad news to patients and their friends and family.

  5. "Have you turned my husband into a vegetable? This is not what Doug would have wanted." Bahahah (I'll take my ticket to hell now.)

  6. If i ever bcm a doctor, and hv kids, the fear would kill me. Knowing abt so many diseases, never knowing which one would pop up in my kids, i wud go crazy

  7. I’m sorry I know it’s a really sad scene but dr Rhodes speaking Spanish is🥵🙊

  8. Nothing warrants verbal abuse, if you genuinely have an issue with a doctor take it up with a higher up, don't just yell.

  9. Didn't the same lady who played the mother of the surrogate child also play an abused wife once on Chicago Fire?

  10. oh such exquisite words and language used in this text:

    have you turned my husband into a vegetable???

  11. No disrespect but I couldn’t help laughing when she said ‘you turned my husband into a vegetable’ 😂

  12. I love when medical shows put the doctor in the spotlight. Nurse can be in the spotlight in real life except we don’t deliver bad news.

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