How Chicago Is Trying to Stop Shootings Without Police

Violence interrupters in Chicago have been intervening in conflicts before they turn into shootings for years, but City Hall has only recently begun to invest public dollars in their work. That would seem to fit well with the movement to find alternatives to policing, but in fact the contentious politics around calls to “defund the police,” along with a sharp spike in violent crime in the past year, actually threaten efforts to make violence interruption as much a part of the city’s infrastructure as policing is.

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  1. Oh so you're mad that the police won't do anything the same police that you demonize the same police that you want to defund the same police that you say are all racist miss me with your victimization crap

  2. So how is it working out without having the police? Hopefully soon some of the communities will be empty. Just let us know if you want to have an open or closed casket. Just remember that you get what you voted for.

  3. Some of the major problems are: poverty, no job opportunities, bad parenting or no parenting, violent gangster rap music and lack of birth control. You can't just wish the problems to go away, unless you get to the real root of the problems. You need to give communities real hope, not just empty platitudes and more policing.

  4. Chicago residents: We want to defund the police.

    Chicago residents 5minutes later: Calls 911…what is your emegency? I got shot send police and paramedics.

    An unsuspecting observer who doest live in United States: WTF is going on here?!

  5. Violence is so engraved in the Chicagos culture I don’t believe this program will make an appreciable dent into gang life. Single moms, lack of fathers involved in their child’s life and the belief police are the enemy all contribute to this problem. When gangs guard their illegal markets by devaluing human life so that it comes down to the idea of kill or be killed mentality. How do you stop it.

    Gangs today do not survive by stealing and then buying food for your family as it once believed by elitist. It’s all about the money, drugs, guns but more importantly gang life.

  6. Ok sorry to bust your bubble but Covid has nothing I repeat nothing to do with the outrageous crime going on in the city…….Not supporting the Police has everything to do with the violence in this city and if you think that these programs will make a difference in the city your delusional…..

  7. I must have missed the part of the story that talks about the destruction of the black family and begs the question…Where are all of the black fathers? Why are over 75% of black children living in fatherless homes with their half siblings. Children from intact families commit almost no crime. Why don’t you liberal moronic reporters address that?

  8. Are you folks hearing yourselves…. ??
    "Were trying to stop..shootings…??
    Not… Loitering…
    Not…. Public . intox..
    Were trying to Stop the Citizens…"
    Of Our Noble City….to…

  9. While Chicago has yet to come anywhere near the "Murder Capital" of the nation's major cities, Louisiana was the "Murder Capital" of the nation's states for the 32nd straight year in 2020.

  10. Yeah, let's go Christmas shopping downtown Chicongo where some 'lady' will try and talk down a gang war. I'm totally risking my life to be shot and mugged by a victim.

  11. I'm an Independent Latino from Chicago, I cringe at people Voted for these two Clowns Beetlejuice (Mayor Lori Lightfoot) and worthless Kim Foxx (State's Attorney for Cook County, Illinois. She manages the second largest prosecutor's office in the United States)…..Chicagoans please Fire them – they have only brought Destruction, Property Damages, Damages to body, mind and soul…and Please take BLM, WOKE, Cancel Culture and Mainstream Media with you all…..NO Bueno.

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