Hit-and-run in San Jose leaves mother, daughter dead

A San Jose family is mourning the loss of two relatives who were fatally struck by a hit-and-run driver Thursday evening.

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  1. Those cross walks are a joke, hardly visible. The city needs to put a light or repaint them and re-educate drivers about them.

    Also, pedestrians need to be on the defensive always

  2. They're gonna catch him and then hes gonna go to jail for Polly like 2 years and get released you probably was drunk most likely didn't give 2 shits about what he did because he knows he hit something throw throw the book at him

  3. This is why there should be life in prison for people leaving the scene of a accident went they know they hit someone. The laws need to be stricter. It's called vehicular homicide. ''MURDER''

  4. I stop for these pedestrians and always wonder why these people don’t even pay attention and trust me completely. This happens especially in east San Jose. People just don’t seem to care for their own life.

  5. Condolences for your family on such a preventable situation, just because of monies, if this situation was happening in Saratoga, Los Gatos, Sunnyvale or even Santa Clara; after the first pedestrian there would be a study and a fix. Well San Jose is different 14 deaths and counting.

  6. DO NOT, DO NOT just walk in the crosswalk assuming the vehicles will stop for you, that is dangerous. Make sure the drivers stop first then proceed across the street using the crosswalk. Fool, flashing beacons do not guarantee that they drivers will stop.

  7. So sad that two people who were not in the wrong were hit and killed and then the lowlife flees the scene without giving a damn. I hope he's caught and karma is swift and cruel. San Jose is such a toilet filled with crappy people.

  8. sad thing is the person who did this wont see serious jail time, gotta "reform" them, which means gotta give them a lesser charge so their life isnt ruined for taking 2 other lives. rest in peace to those 2 people who lost their lives because some deadbeat cant watch where they are going.

  9. The issue with that area isn't the lack of officers. I've been pulled over and I'm just a normal Joe and had 5 units pull up on me simply because of the car I was driving and was basically told that I was pulled over because people in the type of car I own have been driving like mad men out there and I was traveling under the speed limit, with temporary current tags because my car is new, and temp reg info still in the window sticker. I had that many units on me for an infraction? That's not proactive policing, or am I crazy? Pulling over the people weaving through traffic, tailgating, running red lights out there, etc is what will actually do something, not profiling normal citizens just driving down the road going home. Pulling over average Joe isnt going to deter the people out there acting like idiots. 🙄

  10. RIP and condolences to family and friends. State tolerance of criminality culture with lack of respect for living beings has alot to do with it as Culture failures !

  11. RIP to the victims and condolences to their family. I hope they catch this guy. If the government wanted to ban cars, it would call this car violence and blame the deaths on cars. In this case, it was a criminal act and no accident. It's a continued sign of moral decline in our society.

  12. So Sad. I wonder if the driver was drunk? They said it was a red truck. People drive to damn fast/ get distracted/ cell phones, etc. There should not be speed bumps, but definitely more traffic controls (especially since a school utilizes the crosswalk).

  13. I hate to say this, but I don't think that this was an accident, and I doubt if speed bumps or light would have made a difference. Most likely it was a deliberate homicide.

  14. I always cross the crosswalk BEFORE that one (near the Ocala middle School) and there has been countless times where I have to wait until It's clear that the drivers have slowed down and will wait for me to cross.

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