Here are San Francisco's most haunted places

We know San Francisco is known for many iconic attractions. But do you know the city has some of the most scariest places, too?


  1. The whole UCSF compound is a EXTREMELY haunted and that ain't NO joke… <: P
    The upper floors of the main building and medical center are COMPLETELY HAUNTED by many long-dead patients and staff members who used to work there. I've seen at least 2 ghosts myself while I was visiting UCSF once. On the 5th or 6th floors I believe, I saw a surgeon and a cleaning lady. When I first saw them, I was in like a BIG hurry to find a relative who was being treated in the ICU after suffering a stroke, so I thought NOTHING of it cuz at first they seemed just like normal people going about their business in that building. So I ignored them. Then later, when I had time to really think back on the incident, then that was when it suddenly hit me that the clothes they wore looked like they were from the 1950's period. The old Jewish Home and The Laguna Honda Hospitals are also haunted by former patients and Indians who were buried on the grounds. I've had friends and relatives who stayed in both of them before and they all said that they saw apparitions in their rooms like around at 3AM in the morning. Also things like clothes and personal items keep turning up missing while they stayed there. The nurses and staff who work there are all fully-aware of the hauntings, but they are NOT allowed to talk about it tho. Does anybody in here else know anything about those confirmed haunted locations? Can ya tell us somethin' about it?

  2. Yeah sir Francis Drake is haunted alright….. I live in the Bay Area I stayed in the Sir Francis u know U GOTTA BE A TOURIST in ur town, yeah the room I had was creepy and the elevator very creepy long halls creepy felt like someone was always watching me my every move

  3. My dad used to periodically teach a 1- or 2- day law class at UCSF and would bring my sister and me along for the trip. After the class he’d take us shopping in Union Square and then out for dinner and a play in a theater. We’d always stay at the Sir Francis Drake. I never saw any floating limbs in the hallways, but then again I’m pretty obtuse when it comes to ghosts. I think they saw me coming and said, “Don’t waste your effort with this one.”

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