Girl missing for 2 years found under stairs in NY home

Police in upstate New York say a girl who has been missing since 2019 has been found alive.

Paislee Shultis was found under the staircase of a home at 35 Fawn Road after a police search on Monday, authorities said.

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  1. I feel so bad for that child.She missed out on covid and her birthdays and Christmas? That poor child

  2. So what was it a custidy battle ?it was his doughter so im shour she was only put under stairs when authorities show up to go threw that trouble her dad eather loves the girl or just wanted to not pay child soport spounds like her dad wanted her and took her custody battles can be really messed up id need to hear the whole story before calling it house of horror

  3. Im sure they saw the cops aproach and the rushed with little where she was found. I doubt thar she was living in that hole gor 2 years.

  4. Oh good grief the child did not spend two years under a stair case! That’s obviously where they hid her when people came over. You news people sensationalize everything.

  5. Remember …. The child is okey. The father is not evil to the child …….. maby its more to the story we dont now about ,

  6. Y'all probably just turned this around it was her parents they probably hit her under there because people's looking for her family is probably the monsters and y'all just gave her back to them

  7. Why's everyone acting like there was major abuse going on? Did they hear the entire story?

  8. If I steal my child her room woukd look like Fiona room hey talking furniture idc it would look angelic tf the steps is that all you offered

  9. It's horrifying and unsettling that this is only one story. God knows how many more of these stories are out there.

  10. Ok by all means I’m not taking the parents side. Could this all be 2 parents who really love there child to the point that they would kidnap their child back because the system took their baby from them without real cause? Could they be victims to the system? Didn’t they said that they found the mother with the kids hiding in the stairs? Clearly they only hide the child when they know someone is coming to try and take her away. So it’s not like they just keep her down there all day. Clearly there’s two sides to every story. But I do believe that they should have fought to get her back the right way instead of the wrong way like everyone else have two. I just like to be bias.

  11. You can find hundreds of stories where police and cps take a child from one situation and put it in another where the child is then mistreated and dies. Sometimes custody cases are over jealousy and anger not the well-being of the child. And of course, the media spins it in the worse way possible as they are mostly nothing but sensationalists trying to make a story.

  12. Sad thing is, she might grow up to be the legal age, and return to her parents. 😔 I do not know the history of the family, but the parents love her enough to take the risk and all sorts of measure to keep her hidden. Hope they cover the parent's side of the story too and how they lost the custodial rights. Lot of family members take custody for benefits purspose only.

  13. This poor darling has to go through this and they get to walk away, so sad, praying for this little darlin

  14. Father in Jesus name i as and i speak that Holloween wil be abolished in America and all around the world and that People repent and turn to You Father God , and that Familys are being restored heart are being healed and that every child grows up in a peacefull and save envoirment without abuse whosoever is taking care of them .

  15. I don't believe the united states has the authority to remove children from custodial parents anymore.

  16. Oh for pete sake. She doesn't sound like she was in any danger from them. Ya'll be making assumptions with them reporting it as a "house of horrors".

  17. But why they want to take a little girl away from the mom and dad the mom and dad hatter what’s the big deal they heater has social service was going to take her

  18. first they hid her under the staircase when the cops came.. i wanna know why the government was taking the daughter from her parents anyways.

  19. I want to know if she was neglected or malnutrition was in the picture. I want to heare the parents speak . Why they did it? Sometimes we don’t know what really is happening maybe the love her and they didn’t want to be away from her or maybe not but theres got yo be more to the story

  20. There's no way u just found this child because I'm 41 and this is where I infact was kept I did not remember till this picture over the past months my memories are coming back I don't think these two are alive

  21. Horrific. Locked in a cold basement? No, don’t teach about spirituality in public schools. Teach about erections and puberty for girls. Don’t teach about ramifications of getting pregnant. We need better laws to protect kids.

  22. If she was living there in a crowded space with no sunlight, she would be light sensitive and likely legally blind. She would also have frail bones and not be as healthy as described.

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