FBI documents detail plan for three people to attack Chicago mosque

Three people from different states were planning mass murders at Chicago-area synagogues and mosques, all in the name of ISIS. That’s according to the FBI in newly unsealed court documents. NBC News’ Tom Winters reports. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  1. They aren’t Muslim. You all can try to make Muslims look bad forever but it doesn’t effect us. The Quran is the truth and Islam is the fastest growing religion.

  2. The "religion" of "peace" is NOT what is seems. They will bring unto you Sl.@:very in every aspect of life. And that is not something I can see happen again to cultures of people's.

  3. All media is starting to push the same all out AGENDA. (NWO) now is the time to hold true to your beliefs and to rebel AGAINST any higher authority trying to manipulate you into a submissive state for there ultimate goal. WAKE UP! #Z#Z#Z

  4. Isis is commonly associated with sunni branch of Islam he said. And all the time they do this mistake.
    I'm sunni. It's not a branch. It's just real Islam , everything is in it the same as it was at the beginning. Isis is terroristic organization created by 🇺🇸 . The TV is lying to you , weak Americans can't do anything with it , fool Americans can't think. Because Russians are passive Slavics are killing each other , because you passive you might get some bad things from your government.

  5. The media is using predictive programming to condition you to believe that a Russian chemical or nuclear weapons attack is an inevitability. Next comes the false-flag attack in order to manufacture consent for US direct military action. Don't fall for it. They want you to believe that Russia is losing and desperate…but they aren't. Russia is winning, but because Russia doesn't bomb Ukraine into oblivion and then send a few troops in to mop up, Americans unwisely perceive them to be weak, not understanding that it's much more difficult to take a city while preserving its infrastructure and civilian lives. Russians utilize a "cauldron" maneuver to encircle their adversaries and squeeze them slowly like a boa constrictor. Ukraine's Nazi infested military is preventing civilians from Ieaving and using them as human shields as well as drawing fire to civilian targets for the purpose of winning the public relations battle and international support. They're losing badly and it's their only hope.

  6. I have seen this guy on TikTok before, but he was banned for hating on Iraqi Shias. I am glad that this filthy guy is arrested, he supports terrorism. Muslims are not from Isis, these people are not muslims.

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