Exclusive video: Wild shootout part of violent 6-hour span in NYC

A 15-year-old was killed and more than a dozen others shot, including at least one in every New York City borough, in a six-hour period Monday evening.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said there were nine shooting incidents, four of them in Brooklyn, with a total of 15 victims.

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  1. Guns don’t kill people, gang bangers do. America does not have a “gun problem” but rather a fatherless family, drug addiction and gang problem.

  2. What i dont understand is how does NY have so many wild shoot outs…but guns are banned in that state? Its just like Chicago IL and California…also banned guns…but they blast away like the wild west..lol.

  3. Just shooting like it's target practice, if they do something with their life none of this wouldn't be happening.
    This was ridiculous and when they go to The Prison Estate with their new playmates, they're crying.

  4. This s*** is not happening in Republican states it's happening in Democratic states over and over and over again especially the school shootings dating way back 15-20 years Democratic states it's really looking bad for Democratic states New York Democratic state full of violence Boston Democratic State full of violence Massachusetts Democratic State full of violence wherever you find a democratic state with the strictest gun laws you find violence but the Republican states boy they don't go through barely anything compared to the Democratic states wow it's crazy huh hey who knows who's doing it could be Rockefellers could be Rothschild could be all of them could be bill baby murderer Gates who knows who knows if George Soros is involved in any of this the whole line of b***** this is to the one who runs it all GF us you most likely are luciferous little friend we don't care for you make sure you understand that

  5. Guns again all you that carry weapons are the biggest pussys known to man you no that right always the same kind and wounder y we dnt trust you scumbags man

  6. Too big of a gap between the haves and have nots. It's not going to get better in these big cities, only worse. There is a permanent and growing underclass.

  7. No offense but how they shooting from point blank and missing every shot? I woulda hit all skulls if i was that close no cap

  8. When they finally pull the plug on the eCONomy this country is gonna explode in violence like we have never seen before!

  9. The GUN GENIE is out of the bottle. Who knows where it will land. Americans wear a mask, and bullet proof vest. That is your normal. Trump! Springer! Trump! Springer! USA USA

  10. US needs to make the possession of firearms illegal. Americans always laugh at British people for not being able to own guns but who's laughing now

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