Edai Was CAUGHT LACKING & DRILLED In Chicago | This Is Getting Out Of Hand|Another Drill Rapper Gone

The Reaaon Edai Was DRILLED In Chicago | This Is Getting Out Of Hand


  1. This universe of ours has things we might not never understand,but let me explain to you that humanity been the number one target in the universe because the humans are easy to control and influence.

  2. RIP king koopa🙏😞 prayers to everyone out there in the chi fr fr wish this would stop. Its hard being a drill fan because they die quick af at times smh shits sad af how they gotta live like this

  3. So you saying the devil only working in our black community it's us as a people the devil don't have shit to do with it it's called bad parenting and ignorance in our community.

  4. I asked someone in Baltimore why do people wait til someone come up just to rob and kill them after watching them struggle for years knowing they just wanted to take care of their family the answer was the white man going get them anyway why not 🥺

  5. My brotha way better then king AK no disrespect to king ak but you always talk With respect in a sense of mind without acting ignorant You need to set up a room and give yourself a more professional look get a Mac computer mic and then a little desk and then sit down in the room bet your shit jump up even more respect

  6. R.i.p e dai.,,la Capone, freddo Santa, blood money, d thang, m thang, KING VON,,,,,T ROY, ZACH TV…..ISH SAD OUT HERE…MUGS GOING FOR BLOW OVER KIBBLES AND BITS

  7. The devil is these guys. Quit looking around for horns and fangs. The devil raps and wears Jordans. And every time you listen to his songs it curses ur house too.

  8. Chicago rappers aint rappers there killers. Ban that drill shit. If u a nigga from outta state we dont understand that drill shit only way chicago is getting any shine is for the killings and lil durk nobody gonna sign them to a record deal who would 😂😂😂

  9. truth teller I Salute u doing your thing. just wanted drop a jewel on you maybe you can get some views of this suggestion. food for thought. first rip KING VON . quando rondo was not punching or trying to rob VON . VON was holding on to qr because he knew that he was going to die and he wanted his niggas to kill qr to. hope to hear your thoughts.

  10. Did this man just say this shit is getting out of hand broo this been got out of hand years ago its at a point of no return where it's to much people to revenge for

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