Delta Variant Brings Surge of COVID Breakthrough Cases in S.F. Hospital Workers

San Francisco could be the next Bay Area city to issue an indoor mask mandate amid a COVID surge even vaccinated health professionals can’t escape. Juliette Goodrich reports. (7-30-21)


  1. Thank god many were vaxxed. their odds will be so much better than that 99.7% survivable group that was not vaxxed. but now lets see how they well they fair with that toxic poison in their systems

  2. 172 cases per day. That's a 0.0002% chance you will get something that is 99.999% survivable. There will LITERALLY be 10X as many deaths from INFLUENZA this year, than COVID!! Almost 250K people die from Dr. or Hospital mistakes every year!! Don't see anyone skipping the Dr. Where does the FEARMONGERING stop???

  3. So 1/3 are in the vaccinated, making the vaccines only 66% effective. What happened to that 98% Fauci guaranteed us of? Or Moderna and Pfizer? No worries. They’ve got the boosters ready to go.

  4. If we were really in a pandemic hospitals wouldn’t be firing qualified, experienced staff for not taking a shot. And they certainly would not be busing illegal immigrants around the country un-tested and unvaccinated.

  5. Science is giving up…
    Imagine small pox vaccine working this way.
    Placebo works the same
    if infection cannot be prevented, than there is no need to test, trace, and quarantine
    Stop demonize virus nobody cares
    Eventually all elderly will catch it and many will die (despite "vaccine" in absence of other treatments)
    It's not pandemic of unvaccinated, it's pLandemic of powerless science
    Time to sign the Great Barrington declaration

  6. The delta was planned way before covid 19 , no vaccine will work and they knew years ago ……

    Your government wants you dead , georgia guidestones !!!

    Bring population down to
    500,000,000 globally by 2025 to 2030

    It's the agenda and it's been unfolding step by step for at least the last 50 yrs … Most likely the last 300+ yrs

    Queen of England owns America.

  7. Gavin Gruesome is so excited because California will shut down just in time for his recall election and voters will be force to mail in our votes, thereby giving him a chance to CHEAT. 🤔

  8. Facts about science:
    1. It is a method of inquiry, not a means for ascertaining unquestionable truth.
    2. It doesn’t speak with just one voice. As such, the presumption that the data can only be interrupted one way is anti-science.
    3. It is likely how we got this virus in the first place. That is, not all science is good.
    4. It can never be absolute because humans are finite.
    5. It can never be truly objective because humans are depraved.
    6. It has many of its origins in the Christian faith, e.g., Boyle, Faraday, Mendel, Newton, etc… That is, biblical faith and actual science aren’t in conflict.
    7. Science can’t be understood by itself. That is, theology, ethics, morality, philosophy, sociology, psychology, mathematics, anthropology, economics, politics, etc… each impact science in how it is carried out and revealed.

  9. "80% of new cases in health care workers who were fully vaccinated"
    "They are not getting infected inside the hospitals." 🤔
    ( How exactly can they prove where they got it? Were they all on extended vacation 7-10 days prior to testing positive? How long ago were they vaccinated?)

  10. The Delta plus variant is already in India.its coming to the states by fall and will be the perfect excuse to vaccinated people with a third shot or a booster vaccine. Every prediction I said since last year comes true even if I've called conspiranoic.

  11. I have asked this question several times before in the past month, but no one gives an answer or a clear answer. Is the purpose of a vaccine to prevent someone from getting a virus or is the purpose to prevent someone from getting the SYMPTOMS of a virus? If it is only to protect someone from getting symptoms, then there is no such of thing as a breakthrough case….anyone who is vaccinated could get the virus. And if they can get the virus, they could test positive. So what is the truth? Do the vaccines prevent the virus or only prevent the symptoms of the virus?

  12. My Gosh people it doesn’t matter how many people catch it.
    It only matters how many people are in the hospital or die from it.
    Did you notice they didn’t mention any of those stats.
    Also they even say only 6% of Californians have it , that’s all the people who have symptoms, that even tells us not be be frightened. It’s so funny hearing these people talk they are solemn & want to convey fright but the things they talk about when you listen to them tell you you shouldn’t be frightened. People get a grip & listen to what they say & look at the stats they use. You will then understand it’s just smoke & mirrors.

  13. Yesterday: “This is a disease of the unvaccinated.”

    Today: “80% of those who tested positive were fully vaccinated.”

    4 sentences later: “The best way to protect yourself is to get vaccinated…”

  14. I get the impression that vaccines are not working as the days go on. The efficacy drops to zero after one year. Our high priest of medicine will soon sacrifice our lives to the Gods of virus in the hopes of ending the pandemic. Science and massive computer AI can figure out a cure. The only survivors will be the unvaccinated.

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