Delta Tops 70% of All NYC COVID Strains as New Case Average Keeps Surging | News 4 Now

The highly transmissible delta variant continues its surge in New York City unabated, now accounting 72% of all positive samples — roughly triple where it was three weeks ago.

At the same time, virtually every important infection metric in the city is getting worse too, with daily confirmed and probable cases 24 percent higher than they were a week earlier.

An unreleased CDC presentation, obtained by NBC News, underlines the rising severity of the situation — an estimated 35,000 symptomatic infections a week nationwide among those who are already fully vaccinated.



  1. Isn't it amazing how every time Biden and the Democrats are faced with confrontation regarding their failures. Suddenly covid is a hot topic again. Suddenly there are spikes, and outbreaks. The other thing that is amazing is. Biden and the Democrats only seem to see spikes in red states. Not in blue states. Yet states like New York, California, Michigan , and others had worse outbreaks. Politics? In fact. New York, And Michigan crated polices that killed thousands of elderly people in nursing homes. Never hear Biden, Harris, Pelosi and the Democrats talk about that. Politics? The other thing is. You never heard from the Democrats about covid during the BLM riots and looting. You never heard about covid when Biden opened the southern border and allowed god know how many infected illegal immigrants into America. Politics? Face it. The Democrats used covid in an election, and continue to use it ever time they want to have control over the American people. All with the help of mainstream media, and Facebook, and Google. Who lie, misinform, sensationalize, and censor information. Absolutely disgusting. They all are just disgusting little parasites. They want power over the people. Not power for the people. The real science is against them. Lies, lies, and more lies. Wake up America.

  2. Why do you continue to spill your lies the Covid is a controlled virus

    They down a variance is no different than anything else and this whole Covid charade is a goddamn the lie that people die of Covid then the blue every year

    NBC is spreading lies just like the rest of them fake news

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