Deebo Samuel unfollowed the 49ers & removed his profile picture on social media 👀 | KJM

Deebo Samuel unfollowed the 49ers & removed his profile picture on social media 👀 | KJM
Keyshawn, JWill and Max react to Deebo Samuel removing all traces of the San Francisco 49ers from social media.

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  1. To be honest… I couldn't care any less if Deebo (or any other entitled whining millionaire) never played again. Sports are out of control and have no real meaning in life. Try finding a job.

  2. Deebo has left me in shock! He is willing to trade his teammates away so he can get a few mil more when he just needs to finish his rookie contract and then get that Big MONEY!!!

  3. Hard to value Deebo, he is definitely valuable and worth the money but he is also injury prone doing what he has done. I think most of his money should come in through incentives or I feel the 49ers might part ways because they still need to pay Bosa as well. Two players are worth max dollars and who is going to get the money. Damn, I'd hate to lose Deebo.

  4. WR and QB are dime a dozen this off season and the explosion 💥 is just crazy go find a new team maybe u can cry with Kyler Murray and the Cardinals

  5. Deebo is definitely worth Tyreek money. The Value that Deebo brings to the 9ers is Unreal. He is More than a Damn WR to this team.. The man covers 3 positions at Top Tier. Deebo was actually the Real NFL MVP last season. 💯

  6. Diva Deebo. It's an immature playbook he's using. Great athlete, just needs to grow up emotionally.

  7. In his 1st season he had 57 catches for 802. Last year he had 77rec for 1405.. get ur facts rite key… this is disappointing

  8. Deebo had over 2,000 yards this year, 16 TD’s. 1,400+ as a receiver and over 600+ as a RB. Top 3 WR in the league this year.

  9. Deebo is a very good player, however don’t throw shade at your team as I just lost respect for you and wouldn’t be heart broken if you left because of it. Takes a TEAM to win it all, and I don’t see “I” in team. Trade out Jimmy G. and unfortunately now Deebo and free up massive CAP space or several first round picks.

  10. I think deebo will get paid. They ain't guna lose a key player in the offense especially with the draft coming, they only guna get better.

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