Deebo Samuel Scrubbed the 49ers from His IG Page and Everyone Is Freaking Out! | The Rich Eisen Show

Rich Eisen reacts to 49ers WR Deebo Samuel scrubbing the Niners from his Instagram page and says why San Francisco’s do-it-all star deserves to be paid.

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  1. Greed is alive and well in NFL! Brady provided the template for long term career success by taking team discounts. Apparently, this new generation cares about nothing but the money and "now"?! And, what happened to negotiating like a man face to face?!

  2. Sorry, if they try to play him a lot as a RB he's simply going to get hurt. He already has an injury history. Save those run plays for the playoffs. Sorry, he's not revolutionizing the position. The 49ers had a lot of RB injuries last year and it was a desperation play. Last year was an outlier and you can't expect the wide back role consistently game after game. RB struggle to stay healthy and a WR isn't going to do it.

  3. Football might as well be basketball now. Your average girls high school lacrosse team is tougher than most of these divas.
    Stafford won one, football is no longer necessary.
    Later, betches.

  4. It's too bad, Deebo seems to be a great 49er and teammate. Kyle using him as WR1 and RB1/2 caused all of this. His career will be shortened from taking too many hits by LBs and DL.

  5. I'm so tired of these cry baby athletes and their passive aggressive "social media scrub". Be a freaking MAN and talk to your boss if you have issues.

  6. I feel like you should have to play out your rookie deal before you can throw a bitch fit about getting that bag

  7. How Deebo be itching for a new deal? He ain't done what Tyreek and Stefon done in the NFL. He needs to be patient and open discussions next off-season

  8. I like deebo but i am sooooooooo goddamn tired of playing doing this acting like spoiled kids bruh

    Like you deebo but get traded bro

  9. Between all the WR contracts and the Watson contract..I can hear the tears coming from Cincinnati.

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