Deadly Roseland shooting captured on security video | ABC7 Chicago

Police say a 40-year-old woman was killed while a 30-year-old woman and an 8-year-old girl were wounded in the attack, which was captured by a security camera. Full story:


  1. So this is a crazy idea…. How about when these guys committing these horrific crimes that are underage shoot up a house full of people how about start charging the parents too? I bet crime goes down and parents start raising there kids again keeping them out of trouble. Just a thought to hold parents of minors that commit Felonies be also responsible for what their children are doing! Raise them right you only get one chance!

  2. I’m sorry if u decided to bring a child into a warzone then you’re responsible! Don’t cry saying “my baby” when u decided to have a child in the projects. Completely unfair for the children to be raised in that

  3. And I think if there are shootings in my families name I should have authority at my door saying I have a threat, get her and her family anything she/they need to move. There ain’t no game being played stop playing any type of game around

  4. Time for concealed carry in Chicago and over the Constitution. Where there is concealed carry the city is safer because good people are armed and bad guys don't know who has a gun. The only people you know are carrying a gun in Chicago are gang member's. Gang bangers are less likely to shoot at someone when five other people fire back.

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