Daniel Jones isn’t that good…Brian Daboll won’t make Jones the next Josh Allen – Tim Hasselbeck

Daniel Jones isn’t that good…Brian Daboll won’t make Jones the next Josh Allen – Tim Hasselbeck
Bart Scott, Tim Hasselbeck and Jeremy Fowler discuss Daniel Jones’ future with the New York Giants.
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  1. Allen made Allen the next josh Allen, with a little help from Jordan Palmer. Allen doesn’t need Daboll.. Daboll needs josh Allen..

  2. Everyone seems to forget that Eli's numbers were pedestrian! There were lots of turnovers, yet I wouldn't want anyone besides Eli running the Giants offense during his tenure. One of the most important reasons for taking Daniel was his temperament, it is similar to Eli's! Eli was stuck on some bad teams and didn't have very good outcomes! Even on his Super Bowl runs especially the second one, he was constantly under siege and that was with a GOOD O- line! Remember the 49's game? Now take Daniel's situation, it is 1,000 times worse than Eli's ever was! Four head coaches and as many offensive coordinators in four seasons. Can anyone flourish in that type of environment? Eli had the same coach for most of his career! ALL WE ARE SAY-ING……. IS GIVE DAN A CHANCE! I'm Andy not Annmarie and I approve of this post because I wrote it!

  3. Oh my gosh bro, Daboll don’t gotta make Jones, Josh Allen. You gotta make him his best self and if you have eyes, you know who his best self can be. He needs the best system for him and hopefully Daboll can do that

  4. No he's not he's Daniel Jones. The man who will run over a 300 pound linemen for 2 points. He's been hit harder than most Quarterbacks. He was never supposed to be on that field after he had a concussion and neck injury

  5. I'm a Giants fan and DJ is the biggest problem. He will never be successful. Want him gone asap.

  6. No way he will be Josh Allen, but he could have a better year under Daboll since his rookie year but that doesn’t mean he will be the QB of the future unless he has a really excellent year in 22.

  7. Just remember all those so-called experts in this video thought Josh Allen was trash even after he took the Bills to the playoffs in 2019. Put no stock in these no nothing. They all thought Mayfield and Darnold were going to Franchise quarterbacks. Frauds, frauds, frauds!!!

  8. It’s crazy how much the media portrays all the giants problems on DJ. DJ ain’t even close to the problem.

  9. I think he has a better year i think he gets extended and i think all of you guys are gonna be fooled all over national tv and media streams the coaches they have hired have been horrific gettleman was a joke at evaluating talent gtfoh if we cant get jones to where he needs to be its on the coaches once again

  10. Just Tim's opinion. Tim is speaking in conclusions. He does not know. Bart Scott has a more intelligent analysis.

  11. No man can be turned into another man stop stupid talk make him into who he is not another man

  12. You know what’s crazy. No one ever talks about how he improves on his fumbling last year (cut them in half) & for a large part of the season daniel Jones has the longest streak in the nfl for not throwing a interception. His first two years really skew his statistics. Then on top of that Daniel Jones has had a bottom three pass blocking offensive line ever since hes enter the league.

  13. gosh don't compare him with allen make jones the best version of himself i am tired of hearing that

  14. I wish I just stop hating on Danny Jones seriously like let that man be I see the potential in them I'm a Giants fan and I also have other Giants fans that I know that don't like James Jones so it is what it is. I hope Daniel Jones becomes better than Josh Allen just saw all the haters can shut up but if he doesn't so bad. Go Big Blue

  15. It’s insane that NY media is literally trying to push this narrative I got news for you Giants fans it’s not happening he’s not even in the same breath as Allen and they aren’t even comparable.

  16. People don’t realize how important protection is. You improve in that aspect, that improves Jones game simple as that

  17. Why do y’all keep trying to compare these qbs to my qb stop trying compare people to my guy Josh allen like Stfup they are not the same

  18. Is his arm as strong as Josh? If I remember Josh threw a lot of interceptions until his third year. Give him protection and teach him to protect the ball better

  19. This guy was simply a bad draft pick day 1 it's that simple. Giants need to move on. For better or worse..

  20. Bart is hit or miss with his takes. You can’t say Baker Mayfield is bad but Daniel Jones circumstances are why he’s trash. Baker is a disappointment but he’s a better player than Jones. Daniel Jones never should of went 6th overall and yes Gettleman should be in handcuffs for that pick alone. Jones has had weapons around him and yet he’s still trash. They should be in the market for Malik Willis or a QB next year

  21. Jones was good. Dunno if he's ruined now. To those of you who think Daniel Jones has been the problem with the Giants you haven't been paying attention for the Giants the last 10 years. The majority of his turnovers were all in his rookie season too, yet they talk about it all the time. These guys either don't know football, or they don't know the Giants.

  22. We also have to look what organization that both jones and Allen have played under. One has been a complete clown show the past 5 years and the other has been modernizing and doing all the right things since drafting allen.

  23. Lot of delusional Giants fans just can't grasp there is NOTHING special about Jones. He's an okay QB … that's it. Not good, he's not going to be great. Could he win more if the team improves … of course he could … but that's true of all QB. Mahomes got blown out in a SB because his team flopped … if Mahomes can't carry a team to a win …. what is someone like Jones going to do in his career when he's not on the same kind of team Mahomes has around him? He's going to lose and lose and lose. Manning ended up a .500 QB for his career because the team fell apart, wasn't rebuilt properly around him. Jones ISN'T Manning ….. Move on from him. Reset the rookie QB contract and actually fix this team. He's not part of the fix.

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